Student Meals

By Office of Communications
For Parents
August 15, 2022

As of July 1, the US Department of Agriculture pandemic program to provide no-cost meals to all public school students has ended. This school year, parents will either need to provide their students with money to purchase meals at school, send them with a packed lunch, or apply (and be approved) for free and reduced-price meals benefits.  

Paying for meals

Prices for meals are the same as they were before the pandemic in 2020. School breakfast for students costs $1.75. Lunch is $3.25 for elementary students and $3.50 for middle, secondary, and high school students. Extra food—including milk, water, vegetables, fruits, and entrees—can be purchased a la carte, though offerings may be limited at the beginning of the school year due to supply chain issues. 

The best way to purchase meals (and additional food items) is to use MySchoolBucks. Set up your student’s MySchoolBucks account online. If you have questions about MySchoolBucks, your school’s front office staff can help. Purchases made with MySchoolBucks keep cafeteria lines moving more quickly. Visit the Food and Nutrition webpage for more information.

Be ready on day one by setting up your child’s MySchoolBucks account, looking over the menus, and helping them learn their pin. You will receive an email from Food and Nutrition Services that includes your child’s pin. 

Packing a lunch

Your child may choose to bring their meals and snacks to school. This is encouraged for  students who have specific dietary requirements or are particularly picky. Bringing food from home ensures your child will have the meals and snacks they enjoy to fuel their day of learning.

If you have a young child bringing lunch to school for the first time, consider practicing opening and closing their lunch box. Make sure they’re able to open the containers of the foods you pack by practicing at home first. There will be teachers and monitors available to assist kids during lunch time, but the more independent your child can be, the more time they will have to enjoy their lunch period. 

Free and Reduced-Price Meals

As of October 31, 2021 approximately 31% of students in FCPS qualify for free and reduced-price meals. Approved applications may also qualify students for additional benefits throughout the school year. Families are encouraged to complete the application before the start of school. Up-to-date information is available on the Free and Reduced-Price Meals webpage. Families should reach out to their school with questions or for assistance.