Snow Days Will Stay in 2021-22

By Communication and Community Relations
October 19, 2021

FCPS has announced updates to its inclement weather policy for the 2021-22 school year.

The first five inclement weather days will be traditional inclement weather days. These five days may occur consecutively due to a single weather event or may take place as several individual events. 

Once these five days have been taken, FCPS will use the flexibility provided by the General Assembly to have unscheduled virtual learning days, wherever possible, to maintain continuity of learning. 

We know that unanticipated weather events, or even anticipated weather events, cause operational issues. We also know that this year we are currently dealing with strained operations including significant challenges with substitute teacher shortages.

During weather events, FCPS must consider power outages, technical connection issues, and whether students have access to devices that they may not have taken home the night before. 

Allowing five days for inclement weather events—and this may be one event, or several individual events—allows time to operationalize everything needed to continue to serve our students and families. This includes allowing for pick-up times for devices, clearing parking lots so those devices can be collected, and providing food, as well as allowing teachers time to reformat their classes for a virtual format. Please be aware that the goal is to provide food to students wherever possible during inclement weather days. 

Information on how FCPS makes weather cancellation decisions is available online