🔔 My First Year Episode 2: The First Bell

By Office of Communications
Employee News
October 11, 2023

Ms. Vivi is a first-year, third-grade teacher at Shrevewood Elementary School. Get a glimpse of what it's like to be a new teacher at FCPS with the My First Year docu-series. In our second episode, The First Bell, watch how Ms. Vivi fosters a sense of community in her classroom, juggles the tasks that come with being a teacher, all while forging personal connections with her students. Stay tuned for an insightful look into Ms. Vivi's ongoing adventure through her first year of teaching.

The first bell has rung, and class is officially in session in Vivi’s third grade classroom at Shrevewood Elementary School. The first day of school is usually filled with nerves and first-day jitters, but for Vivi, her first day as a teacher didn’t go as she expected. 

“They all made me feel really good,” Vivi said. “They all said I was really kind; I think that was probably the best part.” Vivi thought there could be a few hiccups and nervous students but neither of those things ever came to fruition. And so, Vivi decided to take each new day one-at-a-time. 

In working to build a classroom community, Vivi is learning how to spark excitement in her students. “Any time the lesson seems to be engaging with the students, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I will even start to do a little dance and say ‘what else, and what else, and what else,” Vivi explained. “I’m hoping that they’re here to have a great time, learn, and socialize. ”

In the second week of school, the weight of handling data management, lesson planning, and meetings began weigh Vivi down. The supportive administrators at Shrevewood immediately noticed and came together to encourage and assist her, boosting her confidence and fostering a sense of support on her teaching journey.

Vivi also knows, she can always count on her students to inspire her with their artwork, “Any time I get a card, my heart melts,” she says. “I can’t believe how much love they’re able to put into those crayons and markers.” Vivi has received several “kiddo classroom creations” that lift her spirits. 

The support for Vivi doesn't just end at Shrevewood. Vivi's former Lake Braddock Secondary School teachers have reached out to her to show their support as she embarks on her teaching journey. Multiple former teachers have wished her good luck and offered kind words of encouragement, saying, “Never worry that you’re too silly; it’s what makes you a fun person to be around.