FCPS Students Receive 2024 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

By Office of Communications
May 06, 2024

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) student writers won 31 Gold Key awards in the 2024 Regional Scholastic Writing Awards competition. In all, 259 Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mentions were earned by FCPS students. Gold Keys are automatically forwarded for consideration at the national level of the Scholastic Writing Awards.

Aileen Zhao, a student at McLean High School, was named an American Voices Nominee for her poetry entry, “Everyone You’ve Ever Kissed Up To Now", and for her Science Fiction and Fantasy entry, “Robot Girl.”

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, presented by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, is the largest, longest-running recognition program of its kind in the United States. Writing categories include critical essay, dramatic script, flash fiction, humor, journalism, novel writing, personal essay and memoir, poetry, science fiction and fantasy, short story, and writing portfolio. 

A complete list of winners is available below:

First NameLast NameGradeTitleCategoryAwardSchool 
SamaraAlazar12The Most Threatening Scientific Advancement: Genetic ManipulationCritical EssayHonorable MentionWest Springfield High School
AnnikaAneja10Identity CrisisPoetryHonorable MentionCentreville High School
AnisaAnjum11Your Self-Imposed JarShort StoryHonorable MentionTJHSST
AllieBarbieri10The Importance of FailureCritical EssayHonorable MentionMadison High School
AllieBarbieri10My journey losing my momPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionMadison High School
HeleneBlack12Inex(pl)orablePersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionHayfield Secondary School
KonstantinaBoules9ViewedPoetryHonorable MentionMadison High School
CaitlinBrickley10The GhostShort StoryHonorable MentionEdison High School
IsabellaCai12The CodeHumorHonorable MentionTJHSST
IsabellaCai12MidtermsPoetrySilver KeyTJHSST
IsabellaCai12Blacktop of Haycock Elementary SchoolPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
DavidCao12Tackling the Adolescent Eye Health CrisisCritical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
KaraCaulfield9If it's worth anythingFlash FictionHonorable MentionTJHSST
AaronChen10MyosotisScience Fiction & FantasyHonorable MentionOakton High School
AaronChen10The Heart of TimeScience Fiction & FantasySilver KeyOakton High School
MaggieChen10eight easy steps for shame-riddled teenagers!PoetryGold KeyEdison High School
MaggieChen10Laid in EarthPoetrySilver KeyEdison High School
AidenCheng12Charlie's Toy SoldierFlash FictionSilver KeyMcLean High School
NidhiChinthakindi9VenusFlash FictionHonorable MentionMcLean High School
CrystalCho7“I shoot; I score; I win.”Short StorySilver KeyRocky Run Middle School
IvoryCho8Far Away MoonPoetrySilver KeyRocky Run Middle School
WujinCho11ProgressHumorSilver KeyTJHSST
AshleyChon11A Cryptic Issue: The Flip Side of the CoinCritical EssaySilver KeyTJHSST
ThanishaChowdhury12To Inhabit EmptinessFlash FictionSilver KeyTJHSST
ThanishaChowdhury12ChangelingFlash FictionHonorable MentionTJHSST
ConnorChun10Kyllo vs. United States and the Future of Search WarrantsCritical EssayHonorable MentionLangley High School
KathrynContaoi11The Lion's GameShort StoryHonorable MentionLewis High School
JohnPaulD'Andrea12Where Have You Gone O Courage?PoetryHonorable MentionWestfield High School
TuanDang9The Life I Never HadPoetrySilver KeyTJHSST
HaleyDao12take me to the firefly treePersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyLake Braddock Secondary School
HaleyDao12the fragility of meals & sleepoversPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionLake Braddock Secondary School
HaleyDao12make me bow (one more time)PoetryHonorable MentionLake Braddock Secondary School
HaleyDao12MisuPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyLake Braddock Secondary School
KobeDao11The Flavor of a Fleck of ShallotPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionMadison High School
ElenaDavis11What Can the United States Learn from Assessing Swedish Drug Policy?Critical EssayGold KeyCentreville High School
ElenaDavis11MermaidsPoetryHonorable MentionCentreville High School
ElenaDavis11Assessing Federal Methods Used to Mitigate Food Insecurity in the United StatesCritical EssaySilver KeyCentreville High School
AllisonDeutsch11High-Heeled BootsFlash FictionSilver KeyMcLean High School
KathrynDuvall12Reclaim Your Space: How Girls Can Empower Themselves in the Digital RealmCritical EssaySilver KeyTJHSST
MiriamFabrycky12Frau Linden Buys Spray Paint for the First TimeShort StoryHonorable MentionWoodson High School
NabaFarooqui10November RainFlash FictionHonorable MentionWestfield High School
OwenFath9The HeadsetFlash FictionHonorable MentionMcLean High School
RahmFishman10TearsShort StorySilver KeyMcLean High School
RahmFishman10Final QuestionFlash FictionHonorable MentionMcLean High School
AleksandraFoss10DisasterPoetryHonorable MentionRobinson Secondary School
MichaelaFrey10StaticityPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
MichaelaFrey10Sand for dinnerPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
AnnieGao10Prelude: Paper DollsPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
RainaGao8A Cliché TragedyFlash FictionSilver KeyTJHSST
ZexuanGao9Once a Familiar FriendPersonal Essay & MemoirGold KeyWoodson High School
ShrishtiGhosh12Celebrating South Asian Beauty Through Wellness-Based Products and Media RepresentationCritical EssaySilver KeyTJHSST
TracyGong12Way Back HomeShort StoryHonorable MentionLangley High School
BreanneGraham10Grandma's CowsPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
ElizabethGreene11When I BakePoetrySilver KeyMarshall High School
ClaireGuo11MotherlandShort StoryHonorable MentionTJHSST
RyanGuo9The Harsh Realities of Mars Colonization: Why It’s Not Worth the Risk and Price TagCritical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
SophiaGuo10Smoke and ScallionsPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
LukeHan11A Letter From An AstronautPoetryHonorable MentionWoodson High School
MaxHaussermann12Portrait of my Metamorphosis on the StreetPoetryHonorable MentionRobinson Secondary School
SofiaHemmens11Death's KindnessesPoetrySilver KeyJustice High School
LilyHood9Plastic Barbie DollPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
KarrieHu8Shattering the Illusion: A Critical Examination of Our PerceptionCritical EssaySilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
ANDREWHWANG11“The Great Hawaiian Pizza Debate: Why We Should Remain Neutral”Critical EssayGold KeyLangley High School
GraceIm11Why We Should Prioritize Mitigating Risk of Human Extinction: Unraveling the Relationship between Longtermism and PersonhoodCritical EssayGold KeyTJHSST
RivaJain12television memoriesPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
RivaJain12The Leaving SongPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
RivaJain12phone calls i overheard in the ten minutes of passing period before ap us historyPoetryGold KeyTJHSST
RivaJain12memory/glitchPoetrySilver KeyTJHSST
ChloeJeong9Poverty Chic: The Caricature of the Lower-ClassCritical EssayHonorable MentionMcLean High School
ChloeJeong9Want a One-Dollar Home in Gary; Indiana?JournalismHonorable MentionMcLean High School
DannaJia11Data Privacy: Ethical Use and User Protection in the Digital AgeCritical EssayHonorable MentionLangley High School
SafinabonuJuraeva12DustNovel WritingHonorable MentionJustice High School
JapneetKaur11Virginia Is For LoversPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
JapneetKaur11what was i made for?PoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
RoryKetzle12Straight PathShort StoryHonorable MentionChantilly High School
ArinKim9Music’s Impact on Cognitive Abilities and WellbeingCritical EssaySilver KeyTJHSST
BrandonKim9Game 7HumorHonorable MentionOakton High School
BrandonKim9Beneath the Letter: Exploring the Problems of Modern Academic EvaluationCritical EssaySilver KeyOakton High School
ClaireKim10Dangling by My SidePersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyCentreville High School
GraceKim7Nature's HeirloomPoetryGold KeyRocky Run Middle School
HaroldKim11Bhutan: No Peace Lasts ForeverJournalismGold KeyHerndon High School
IanKim8Tacit CommunicationPoetryHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
LaurenKim7I'm SorryPoetryHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
LianaKim12HomesickPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyWoodson High School
LianaKim12Art and IPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionWoodson High School
RaynaKim10The InheritanceHumorHonorable MentionTJHSST
RaynaKim10MetamorphosisPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionTJHSST
RyanKim12Cast AwayPersonal Essay & MemoirGold KeyTJHSST
RyanKim12Combating Nuclear HysteriaCritical EssayGold KeyTJHSST
SiyoonKim9Ozempic: The Perfect Cure for ObesityCritical EssaySilver KeyMcLean High School
Siyoon (Alice)Kim9A Good Morning; IndeedShort StorySilver KeyMcLean High School
YaleKwon10How the Chrysanthemums Came to Have Their ColorsScience Fiction & FantasyHonorable MentionTJHSST
YaleKwon10The Adventures of ShuHumorHonorable MentionTJHSST
YayaLan10Acknowledging Intersectionality: Subjugation and Solidarity Among The OppressedCritical EssaySilver KeyMcLean High School
CharlotteLee10The company of koi carpPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionCentreville High School
ChloeLee12GohyangPoetrySilver KeyOakton High School
ChloeLee12Planet HerPoetryHonorable MentionOakton High School
ChloeLee12Chain MePoetryHonorable MentionOakton High School
ChloeLee12in the back row of biology classPoetryGold KeyOakton High School
ChloeLee12Morning SunPoetryHonorable MentionOakton High School
DoWonLee7The Boiling Ocean: Climate Change’s FrontlineCritical EssayHonorable MentionJackson Middle School
EuniceLee11a sunday morningPoetrySilver KeyChantilly High School
HannahLee11Where Do All the Kitties Go?PoetrySilver KeyCentreville High School
JaydenLee11My Fitbit ManifestoCritical EssayHonorable MentionLangley High School
JaydenLee11China BoyPersonal Essay & MemoirGold KeyLangley High School
JiwooLee9A Home of an AlienPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
JiwooLee9The Riddle of the Thunder; Perfect MindScience Fiction & FantasyHonorable MentionTJHSST
JoonWonLee10From Code to Conflict: A War for the Next MankindCritical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
JoshuaLee11Things My Grandfather Taught MePersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyFairfax High School
JoshuaLee11Table Tennis ReimaginedPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionFairfax High School
KiwonLee9Recent Changes; New Pages and ArbCom: How Wikipedia Protects Itself From MisinformationCritical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
StellaLee11The AP Psychology Ban: Who Gets to Decide What Students Learn?Critical EssayGold KeyMcLean High School
AudreyLi9An Evanescent SymphonyPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
AudreyLi9My Hope; a Hope for AllPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
IsabelLi8Echoes in the EmbersShort StoryHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
SarahLi9Inner DemonsShort StorySilver KeyMcLean High School
MarinaLin11Autumn EmbraceFlash FictionHonorable MentionTJHSST
MichelleLin8fifteen square feetPoetryGold KeyLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Through the SeasonsPersonal Essay & MemoirGold KeyLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Triangles and FormulasCritical EssaySilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Befriending a CrowShort StorySilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Floating FiresFlash FictionHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Run and TalkCritical EssayHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Crystal HuntingPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
YanlingLin8Art in HistoryPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
AimeeLiu9Tears of Stone the Women WeepPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
CassieLiu11EphemeralityPoetryHonorable MentionWoodson High School
HannahLiu11Digital SlaughterPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
HannahLiu11ResurrectionPoetrySilver KeyTJHSST
AndrewLohman11Day without electricity traumatizes suburban familyHumorGold KeyMcLean High School
AmeliaLupi-Sher12The TalkerPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyMcLean High School
AamnahMalik12Expert Jatt by Nawab blasts through thePoetrySilver KeyLangley High School
AamnahMalik12MangoesPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyLangley High School
AakankshaMazumdar11The Summer AfterPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyMadison High School
CierraMin12to healPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
CierraMin12ThisbePoetrySilver KeyTJHSST
CierraMin12On Solid GroundPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionTJHSST
KylerMin7The Year-End ExpressScience Fiction & FantasySilver KeyKilmer Middle School
KylerMin7The FridgeNovel WritingHonorable MentionKilmer Middle School
InayahMirza11I know (I wonder) everything missingPoetrySilver KeyLangley High School
EllaMontgomery8Happy Mountain Summer CampScience Fiction & FantasyHonorable MentionLiberty Middle School
EleanorMurphy11The VillageShort StoryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
FatmataMusa10Because; I'm tiredPoetryHonorable MentionAnnandale High School
GabyMuse9i tried; motherPoetryHonorable MentionLake Braddock Secondary School
VivianMutz9The Edge of My WorldShort StoryHonorable MentionTJHSST
AmyNam10Snow White's Shadow: Redefining Myself Beyond the Mirror's GazePersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
IsabelleNam9Walking on Mouse TrapsCritical EssayHonorable MentionChantilly High School
AraiNazarova10A Healing HugJournalismGold KeyMcLean High School
AnyaNehra10They Just Watched UsPoetrySilver KeyOakton High School
AnyaNehra10OdorPoetrySilver KeyOakton High School
EllaNewton12Two Twin CatsShort StorySilver KeyMcLean High School
EllaNewton12Click. Zing!Science Fiction & FantasyGold KeyMcLean High School
EllaNewton12Firelight CreaturesScience Fiction & FantasySilver KeyMcLean High School
ElianaNg8Summer in ElysiumPoetrySilver KeyCooper Middle School
IsaacNing8Shadows of RevengeShort StoryHonorable MentionKilmer Middle School
RyanOdom1142PoetrySilver KeyMarshall High School
JustineOlson10Fear Raging Like FireShort StorySilver KeyEdison High School
Amanda-PearlOmoigui8The Concealed ThespianNovel WritingSilver KeyFrost Middle School
ZoeyPagotto12Amateur GuillotineFlash FictionSilver KeyMcLean High School
GiannaPark9The Forgotten MelodyShort StoryHonorable MentionChantilly High School
ArushiPathak8Unravelling my Complex: Navigating Culture; Identity; and FamilyPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyKilmer Middle School
HariniPrabhu10Finding a BalancePersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
RiyaPrabhu7Ominous OceanPoetryHonorable MentionKatherine Johnson Middle School
AlexandraPrice10Plagued by Pain; Pain by PlaguePoetryHonorable MentionRobinson Secondary School
GraysonQuigley12A Dog Called "Death; A Truth Called "America"PoetryHonorable MentionSouth Lakes High School
IndraRanjan11Forgotten GrandmaPoetrySilver KeyWoodson High School
HaileyRheingans9Misty LilacPoetrySilver KeyRobinson Secondary School
MaxwellRoberson11A Crack In The UniversePoetryHonorable MentionMadison High School
MaxwellRoberson11I Really Like Your HatShort StorySilver KeyMadison High School
AnnaRosu12KrapetsPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyMcLean High School
LauraRoth7That One DayShort StoryGold KeyFranklin Middle School
PeytonRydzewski11Sand HarborDramatic ScriptHonorable MentionMcLean High School
MeganSawant11The Uncertainty of the Uncertainty PrinciplePersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionTJHSST
MeganSawant11Tomorrow Doesn't PromisePersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
SandiSchneider10I will be beautiful tomorrowPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
SandiSchneider10Bowl of OceanPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
SandiSchneider10Do you <3 me too?PoetryGold KeyMcLean High School
AarushShekhawat9I'm FromPoetrySilver KeyChantilly High School
ReneeShi9PartedPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyLangley High School
ReneeShi9Summer CampPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionLangley High School
ReneeShi9EncorePoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
ReneeShi9Discounted ColorPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
ReneeShi9OhPoetryGold KeyLangley High School
ReneeShi9A Lovely BodyPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
ReneeShi9History ClassPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
ReneeShi9GaiaPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
YeonseoSohn10From Hyeonji to LunaPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyOakton High School
EshaanSombhatta9Stimulus - How Covid Cash Can Secure Our Long Term FutureJournalismSilver KeyTJHSST
SamuelStankiewicz10Wealth and Income Disparity in the United States: A Proposed SolutionCritical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
IsabellaSteenburgh11I LOVE YOUPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
IsabellaSteenburgh11TWO PARTS OF A WHOLEPoetryHonorable MentionLangley High School
AyanSudheer7The Whispering PagesShort StoryGold KeyCarson Middle School
LizzieSun10The Siren and The AngelNovel WritingHonorable MentionChantilly High School
EmilyTarazi11That Day in the SnowFlash FictionHonorable MentionMcLean High School
EmilyTarazi11I Found YouShort StoryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
MiaTran-Luu11bound by bloodPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
MiaTran-Luu11We Wilt & We WitherPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
MiaTran-Luu11Speak to Me; PoetryPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
RachelTruong10Isaiah's PhotographShort StoryHonorable MentionTJHSST
RachelTruong10To Burn From HeartachePersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionTJHSST
RachelTruong10Tell Me Another StoryPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionTJHSST
SophiaTzvetanov10The Music Between UsDramatic ScriptSilver KeyTJHSST
YusraWahedi12Imperfections of PerfectionPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionJustice High School
JiayiWang12My Name is a ChameleonPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionLangley High School
NatalieWang9eeny; meeny; miny; moePoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
SophiaWang8The PaintingShort StorySilver KeyCarson Middle School
SophiaWang8Banning Books; Banning VoicesJournalismSilver KeyCarson Middle School
SophiaWang8What Freedom Means to MeCritical EssayHonorable MentionCarson Middle School
VenitaWang9PorridgePoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
VenitaWang9GardenPersonal Essay & MemoirGold KeyMcLean High School
EmilyWeiss12My Brother's HandsPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
SophiaWerthmuller11Marine LifeScience Fiction & FantasyGold KeyMcLean High School
SophieWilson12HospitalizedPoetryHonorable MentionWestfield High School
SophieWilson12Burning BridgesPoetryHonorable MentionWestfield High School
SophieWilson12Standing Against the TidePoetryHonorable MentionWestfield High School
HarryXiao11The Haunted Harvest of HanScience Fiction & FantasyHonorable MentionTJHSST
AnthonyXu11Kill the Craze: Generative AI in EducationCritical EssayGold KeyTJHSST
AliciaYau10My Last Goodbye to New YorkShort StorySilver KeyMcLean High School
AliciaYau10A Path Back HomeShort StorySilver KeyMcLean High School
JustinYu10Let There Be LightPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionTJHSST
GraceYuan9Let There Be LightScience Fiction & FantasyHonorable MentionTJHSST
GraceYuan9Arcade of LifeFlash FictionHonorable MentionTJHSST
GraceYuan9Birthday CakeFlash FictionSilver KeyTJHSST
GraceYuan9RunawayFlash FictionHonorable MentionTJHSST
GraceYuan9i used to dream about "us"Flash FictionHonorable MentionTJHSST
GraceYuan9The Lonely GuardianFlash FictionSilver KeyTJHSST
ElaineZhang8reverie (as told through ten haiku)PoetrySilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
ElaineZhang8penitencePoetrySilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
ElaineZhang8Dancing in the RainPoetryHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
ElaineZhang8The Song of Virginia BeachPersonal Essay & MemoirHonorable MentionLongfellow Middle School
ElaineZhang8One Step CloserPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyLongfellow Middle School
IvyZhang7In The StarsShort StoryHonorable MentionCarson Middle School
LauraZhang12Embracing UncertaintyPersonal Essay & MemoirSilver KeyTJHSST
LauraZhang12Scouting for ChangeJournalismGold KeyTJHSST
LauraZhang12The ABCs of Being an ABC (American-Born Chinese)PoetrySilver KeyTJHSST
MeganZhang11Paradigm Shifts in a World of Economic Growth: Is There a Plan B for the Environment?Critical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
MeganZhang11an injection of imaginationPoetryHonorable MentionTJHSST
AileenZhao12Every Possible Ending Before We Even TouchPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12the american chinese buffet placemats indicate that my zodiac sign is the dog; meaning loyalPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12UlyssesFlash FictionHonorable MentionMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Tank DreamerPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Oh Transcendental Youth We're Really In It NowPoetryGold KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12ANDROID BOTTOM SURGERY (1)PoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Staring MatchShort StoryGold KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12ELEKTRA And antigone Hold A Panel For Aspiring Young IconoclastsPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Killing the GirlPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Everyone You've Ever Kissed Up To NowPoetryGold Key and American Voices NomineeMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Robot Girl and the InfinityScience Fiction & FantasyGold Key and American Voices NomineeMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Vanishing TwinPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
AileenZhao12UNICORN WRANGLINGPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12Elegy for the RPG ProtagonistPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
AileenZhao12MegalodonPoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
AileenZhao12CYBERSEX IS HOLYPoetrySilver KeyMcLean High School
AileenZhao12ANDROID TOP SURGERY (0)PoetryGold KeyMcLean High School
BrianZhou12While the Arctic Looms Large; the Antarctic Treaty is Under ThreatCritical EssayHonorable MentionTJHSST
BrianZhou12Prussian Universities Trailblazed American Exceptionalism and the Modern American Research MultiversityCritical EssaySilver KeyTJHSST
JiayueZou9Follow the LeaderShort StoryHonorable MentionMcLean High School
JiayueZou9FuturePoetryHonorable MentionMcLean High School