Fairfax County Voters Renew Community Investment in FCPS with Support for School Bonds

By Office of Communications
November 08, 2023

On November 7, 67% of Fairfax County voters renewed a community investment in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) by approving the sale of $435 million in bonds to fund the building and renovation of schools.

“The approval of this bond referendum is a clear statement that our Fairfax County voters are committed to continued investment in the excellence of the Fairfax County Public Schools educational experience,” said Dr. Michelle Reid, FCPS superintendent. “By funding school construction and renovation, we provide our students with safe and welcoming spaces for students to learn, employees to work, and neighbors to gather. Together, we are building the future.”

This year’s bond referendum is expected to fund future construction, renovation, enhancements, and planning for 16 schools across the division. School renovations provide enhanced safety and security features, improved technology access, and environmentally responsible features, among other benefits.

FCPS schools are also widely used community spaces. Most public meeting spaces available in Fairfax County are FCPS facilities. Organizations such as homeowners associations, scouting groups, and cultural and civic groups use schools as meeting and gathering spaces. Community members attend classes, camps and other programs on school property and use the spaces for recreational activities. 

The building and renovation of schools are not financed through the school system’s operating funds, but through bonds. Similar to an individual or a family obtaining a mortgage to spread the cost of home buying over several years, bonds spread the cost of capital improvements over a number of years. The county’s bonded debt — which is rated triple-A by the top three credit rating agencies — is not likely to contribute to any increase in local taxes.

For more information about the 2023 school bond referendum, visit www.fcps.edu/bond2023