Fairfax County School Board Statement of Continued Support for Transgender and Gender-expansive Students, Staff, and Families

By Fairfax County School Board
October 07, 2022

The Fairfax County School Board read the following statement at last night's School Board meeting:

The Fairfax County School Board understands that our LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and families are worried about the impact of Governor Youngkin’s proposed model policies for transgender and gender-expansive students. Nearly one in five transgender and non-binary youth attempted suicide in the last year. LGBTQIA+ youth who found their school to be affirming reported lower rates of attempting suicide. It is necessary to ensure our school community is a place where all students can live without fear of prejudice, discrimination, harassment, or violence.

 Our policies and regulations will continue supporting our transgender and gender-expansive students, staff, and families. Fairfax County School Board Policy 1450 protects students, educators, and other staff from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Fairfax County Public Schools Regulation 2603 relies on robust parent/guardian engagement to help provide transgender and gender-expansive students with protections and supports. We will continue partnering with parents/guardians because their involvement is necessary to student success. Furthermore, our School Board is committed to following the Virginia Human Rights Act, Title IX's prohibition on gender identity discrimination, and the settled law of Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board, 972 F.3d 586 (4th. Cir. 2020), which requires respect for students’ gender identity.

Protecting, supporting, and affirming our transgender and gender-expansive students is critical to achieving a safe and respectful learning environment for all students, and providing them with equal access to educational programs, services, and activities. The work to do so in a holistically inclusive way continues, but we know that, from this commitment, we will not waiver.

 For additional resources, please visit fcps.edu/lgbtqia.

Fairfax County School Board