Fairfax County School Board Adopts Equity Policy

By Communication and Community Relations
June 27, 2023

The Fairfax County School Board has unanimously voted to adopt an Equity Policy to codify and elevate the educational equity beliefs held by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

The Equity Policy defines and guides the work in schools and central offices to ensure alignment with our values, vision, and commitment to academic excellence, inclusion, and opportunities for all. This policy is an extension of the 2017 One Fairfax Policy and will be in alignment with and enacted through the FCPS Strategic Plan, other policies, and all actions under our purview.

This policy is a principle of action demonstrating our commitment to the diverse FCPS community and the promise of welcoming, inclusive, and culturally responsive school and work environments. It clarifies the expectation of FCPS to ensure access to services, spaces, opportunities, and the diverse array of accommodations to foster the strengths and meet the needs of the entire FCPS community. 

“The Equity Policy expands upon and lifts up the vital work FCPS has been doing to ensure all students have access to opportunities and the supports they need to succeed,” says Fairfax County School Board Chair and Member-at-Large Rachna Sizemore Heizer. “This Equity Policy will build on the foundation of the One Fairfax policy, raise up all students, and create a more equitable future for all in alignment with the student-centered approach of our 2023-30 strategic plan.”

Removing barriers for marginalized students and ensuring access and opportunity for all students is the driving force behind the policy, which was developed through collaborative working groups and engagement opportunities for parents/caregivers, staff, students, FCPS associations, and community members and organizations. From November 2022-March 2023 a Steering Committee was engaged and Focus Groups were held to gather impressions and feedback about the policy and each of its components. 

Key components of the Equity Policy include:

  • Beliefs which reflect FCPS’ commitment to the thoughtful examination and analysis of evidence and data to understand and demonstrate the state of inequities within our system. The policy charges FCPS with reimagining and developing systems while actively exploring, assessing, and addressing any policies, practices, and beliefs that perpetuate these inequities.
  • Priorities which center students’ strengths and needs and elevate urgency for those students who have been underserved. This policy applies to all FCPS policies, programs, and practices and prioritizes actions in areas including facilities, family & community partnerships, school environment, school funding, student agency, teaching and learning, and our workforce. 
  • Accountability and Measurements to ensure FCPS’ policies, programs, practices, and facilities align with our beliefs. The Equity Policy will address and respond to negative patterns and disproportionality by developing procedures to evaluate systems, measure progress, allow for course correction, and promote continuous improvement.
  • The Equity Dashboard will be revised accordingly, updated regularly, and utilized to provide annual reports to the School Board on progress and practices for each priority outlined by this Equity Policy.

FCPS is committed to ensuring access to services, spaces, opportunities, and the diverse array of accommodations to foster the strengths and meet the needs of the entire FCPS community.

Watch the School Board meeting on YouTube. View the Equity Policy webpage