Enhancing Planning Time for Elementary School Teachers

By Office of Communication and Community Relations
May 08, 2023

FCPS has established several working groups to gather input and suggestions on how teacher-directed planning time can be enhanced and protected at the elementary school level without impacting the school division’s budget. Elementary teachers and principals are providing input. There will also be three Virtual Feedback Forums for elementary teachers and specialists on Monday, May 15. 

The goal is to ensure teachers have sufficient time to develop intentional, targeted instruction to meet the needs of our diverse learners. They need that time to thoughtfully plan without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. When our teachers thrive, our students do, too.

Planning time may include grading student work, analyzing data from assessments, planning and organizing lessons and activities, communicating with families, and other tasks. This time is precious for teachers; it helps ensure they are fully prepared to maximize student learning. 

Currently, FCPS provides guidance that includes 240 minutes of teacher-directed planning time per week or 480 minutes over a two-week period. Many of our elementary school teachers have expressed concern about insufficient planning time. It was also a popular topic at Superintendent Reid’s recent Teacher Town Halls.  

View FCPS Regulation 4422 to learn more about FCPS’ current guidance for teacher planning time.