Central Tutoring: Meeting Student Needs and Watching Students Grow

By Office of Communications
Employee News
August 11, 2023

Last spring, Fairfax County Public Schools started advertising for a new kind of tutoring position. 

As part of a response to pandemic-related learning loss, the Office of School Support and Tutoring Services analyzed the needs of students across the division and pinpointed the schools where there were the largest gaps between what students were achieving and the goals they should be reaching. Starting with the schools with the greatest needs, they began to match tutors to small groups of students. 

Cheryl Temple, an adjunct instructor at George Mason University, saw an ad for the position and was interested in the opportunity to get to help students at times flexible to her schedule. She had worked as an intervention teacher, and was interested in a similar position. 

“The most fulfilling part of tutoring is working with students and watching their growth,” Cheryl said. “All the students I worked with were receptive to receiving extra help and that made the experience very gratifying.” 

After tutoring for about 6 weeks last year, Cheryl, a retired educator, is excited to get started again and make a larger impact this year. 

“Tutoring is a great way to work with students and stay connected to the field of education,” she said. “Another benefit is you don’t need to take work home, so when you leave you are done. And the school personnel were very welcoming and provided everything that I needed.”  

Are You Interested in Tutoring? 

FCPS needs qualified tutors to provide in-person academic support to small groups of students. These tutors will be paid hourly at a rate of $48.58. The position is flexible, and the amount you work and where you work will be based on your availability, qualifications, and the needs presented throughout FCPS. However, tutors must work at least three days a week for a total of 12 hours a week on a consistent basis. Email [email protected] for more information.