5-4-3-2-1 Early Childhood Tips for Today: Resilience!

By Office of Early Childhood
December 08, 2023

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Things to Know or Do

  • Remind children that it is OK to ask for help; model learning from mistakes
  • Create and maintain supportive, trusting relationships
  • Play board games – great for helping with turn taking, impulse control, planning, handling disappointed feelings if you don’t win
  • Highlight what your child is doing well by encouraging the effort (e.g., “you are working hard on that puzzle” versus “good job”)
  • Teach children to problem-solve
    • Avoid eliminating all risks
    • Give children age appropriate freedoms to help them learn their own limits and how to work through challenges
    • Decide when you will give immediate feedback (needs) or delay gratification (wants)

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Children Read Alouds

  • I Can Handle It (Mindful Mantras Book 1): by Ms. Laurie Wright  Can Sebastien handle his problems? Of course he can, with the help of a mindful mantra!...
  • Penguin’s Hidden Talent: by Alex Latimer Penguin was excited about the talent show but he couldn’t think of a talent. I wonder what his talent will be.
  • You Can Do It Bert: by Ole Könnecke  Bert thinks he can do it. Do you?
  • Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon: by Patty Lovell  Be yourself like Molly Lou Melon no matter what a bully may do.

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Links to Visit

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Points to Research

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