April is the Month of the Military Child

Celebrating children from military families

April is the Month of the Military Child, a time to recognize children from military families for their contributions and sacrifices. We recognize that children serve too! 

Fairfax County Public Schools is proud to have over 14,000 military-connected youth in our student body. We appreciate the varied life experiences they bring to our school community and recognize their strength and resilience. The nationwide commemoration was established in 1986 by former Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger.

Meet FCPS Students and Their Military Families

Military-connected students face unique challenges and show a lot of resilience and strength. We would like to say thank you for your service to ALL members of these families.

Story Spotlight: Military Kids Club 

Creating connections among students from military families is one of the major goals of the Military Kids Club, which boasts 50 student members at one elementry school. Activities include reading books, playing games, writing letters to veterans, and looking at maps to locate spots where their family served. Read story.

playing games in Clermont gym

Slideshow Round-Up of FCPS Military Families

Click on the first image to enlarge the slideshow, and the photos will change automatically. 

Video - Superintendent Reid Celebrates Military-Connected Youth

Purple Up! on April 17, 2024

To show our support for military-connected youth, we are inviting all Fairfax County students, families, school employees, and community members to “Purple Up!” on April 17. Why purple? Purple symbolizes all branches of the military as a combination of Army green, Marine Corps red, and Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and Space Force blue. 

We extend our appreciation for the service of all children from military families and celebrate them by wearing purple in an effort to say “Thank You!” Whether or not you know any military-connected youth, please take a moment to recognize and honor them by wearing purple on April 17. 

Post your picture and tag #PurpleUpFCPS!. Let’s Purple Up! for military kids! 

Calendar of Activities 

Celebrate the Month of the Military Child with a calendar of weekday activities for April 2024. 

  • April 1 (Monday) Student Holiday
  • April 2 (Tuesday) Student Holiday
  • April 3 (Wednesday) - Ask a military-connected friend about the best place they have lived. 
  • April 4 (Thursday) - There are approximately 14,000 military-connected youth in FCPS! Visit the FCPS YouTube channel to hear from our military-connected families!
  • April 5 (Friday) - RED Friday, Wear RED to “Remember Everyone Deployed”
  • April 8 (Monday) - Dandelions are a symbol for military kids because, like the flower, they can take root and bloom anywhere! Take a picture with a dandelion and share on social media.
  • April 9 (Tuesday) - As a military-connected parent or caregiver, send your child a letter thanking them for their service. 
  • April 10 (Wednesday) -  School Holiday Eid-al-Fitr 
  • April 11 (Thursday) - Attend the FCPS School Board Meeting at 7:00 pm at Jackson Middle School to support the recognition of military-connected youth. Register here to speak at the meeting.
  • April 12 (Friday) - RED Friday, Wear RED to “Remember Everyone Deployed”
  • April 15 (Monday) - Military kids move, on average, every two to three years, and making new friends can be hard. Introduce yourself to one new person today!
  • April 16 (Tuesday) - Did you know there are six military branches? Take a moment to learn more here
  • April 17 (Wednesday) - Purple Up! Day, Wear Purple to show your support for military-connected youth! Purple represents military youth because purple combines all the colors of the military branches! 
  • April 18 (Thursday) - The military uses a special alphabet to avoid misunderstanding when letters are spoken over communications such as a radio. Learn the alphabet here, and then spell your name or other fun words.
  • April 19 (Friday) - RED Friday, Wear RED to “Remember Everyone Deployed”
  • April 22 (Monday) - Create a “10 things you should know about our school” for new students and families at your school. 
  • April 23 (Tuesday) - There are 69 Purple Star Schools in FCPS! Go on a purple scavenger hunt, and see how many purple items you can find in one day!
  • April 24 (Wednesday) - Thank a military service member for their service today. 
  • April 25 (Thursday) - Visit the Family Resource Center webpage for resources for military families.
  • April 26 (Friday) - RED Friday, Wear RED to “Remember Everyone Deployed”
  • April 29 (Monday) - Invite a military family to your next gathering at school or in your community.
  • April 30 (Tuesday) - Sign up for the Military Families News You Choose to receive information on events, news, and other topics regarding military-connected families. 

Printable Copy of Calendar (below):