Safety is our number one priority

FCPS handles providing a safe and smooth commute for all students every day. Our transportation team works together to provide high level of service.

Types of Transportation

Bus Transportation

Our dedicated team works together every day to ensure the safe transportation of our students. Safety is also the reason that we do not post school bus routes and bus stops on our website. If you need that information for your student, you must go in person to the school. Schools will mail bus schedules to families in August of each school year.

If you have concerns about your child's school bus transportation, speak to the transportation supervisor responsible for your school or call the Office of Transportation Services at 703-446-2000.

For any concerns after hours (after 5:30 p.m.), you will need to contact Safety and Security at 571-423-2000. 

Kindergarten Transportation

Kindergarten students who ride the bus in the afternoon are to be met at the bus door and asked for by name by a parent, parent designee, guardian, or a responsible middle school age or higher sibling. Children will be returned to school if the driver has concerns for their safety.

In case of emergencies such as road closures, accidents, or weather-related road problems, drivers may use safe transportation-approved alternate locations to pick up or drop off students. If there is not a safe transportation-approved alternative stop, the driver may choose to return to school.

Drivers may also choose to return to the school if they have concerns regarding the safety of releasing a student at a regular stop, or if a child expresses concern for any reason about getting off of the bus.

Walking and Bicycling

Safe Routes to School programs get kids physically active and take cars off the road.  In the last 40 years, we have seen students walking and bicycling to school decline from 48% (1969) to 13% (2009).  During this same time period, the percentage of parents using Kiss and Ride has increased.  The increase in Kiss and Ride users has complicated traffic conditions around many schools and has made it more difficult for student walkers and bicyclists to get to school.

Kiss and Ride

The increase of Kiss and Ride users has complicated traffic conditions around many schools and has made it more difficult for student walkers and bicyclists to get to school. The Kiss and Ride program is the name given to the area where students transported by private vehicles are picked up and dropped off. The location is normally separate from school bus areas, enabling schools to avoid problems associated with cars passing buses or cars parking in "bus only" areas or fire lanes.

Kiss and Ride areas have several important features:

  • Adult supervision is provided by a school staff member, normally assisted by student safety patrols.
  • Clearly designated and marked areas with signs.
  • Safe private vehicle traffic flow since the vehicles are not in the same driveway as school buses.

Electric School Buses

FCPS is committed to providing carbon neutral student transportation by 2035. 

Having electric school buses in our fleet is consistent with the Fairfax County Joint Environmental Task Force’s goal to become carbon neutral.  This is a great step forward for FCPS and it underscores our commitment to being an environmentally responsible community.

FCPS is part of the Fairfax County Joint Environmental Task Force (JET), which was formed to address climate change and environmental sustainability proactively and collaboratively in Fairfax County.  The JET is composed of representatives from both the Board of Supervisors and the School Board, and community partners from higher education, industry, and community and student advocacy groups.  One of the JET’s goals is for FCPS to transition to electric or zero-carbon alternatives for school buses and eligible fleet vehicles by 2035.

FCPS currently has eight electric buses, which are already operational, and help transport more than 141,000 eligible bus riders to and from school each day. 

FCPS was chosen to receive the buses in a competitive process after applying for a grant from Dominion Energy in fall 2019. Dominion Energy covers the difference in cost so that school districts pay no more for electric buses than they would for diesel models. The required charging infrastructure has been installed and is maintained by Dominion at the Stonecroft Transportation Center.

FCPS applied for and received another grant from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for an additional 10 electric buses and should receive them this summer 2022.

Watch our video comparing diesel and electric buses.

Bus Delay Notification System

Bus with clock imageStay up-to-date on school bus arrivals with FCPS' bus delay notification system.  This system provides parents with timely notification of late bus route information.  Parents may access the Bus Delay Notification System or use the FCPS Mobile App to receive the delayed bus report. Morning route information will be available until noon.  Afternoon bus route information will be available from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m.  

E-Notify (School Messenger) email messages will also be sent to announce bus delays.  Need assistance or have questions?  Contact the Transportation office listed for your school. For any concerns after hours (after 5:30 p.m.), contact Safety and Security at 571-423-2000.

Safety First

Students are reminded to use caution, watch their step, and always use the handrail when boarding and exiting the school bus.  Parents, please reinforce with your child the importance of being alert when accessing the bus steps.

Free Student Bus Pass Program

Students can sign up for the Free Student Bus Pass Program at all Fairfax County public high schools and middle schools, and ride the Fairfax Connector for free!  Find more information at your school’s administration office.  You need to have your parent’s or guardians’ approval for signing up.  Get started today by completing the Permission Form.  Visit the Fairfax Connector website for more information on this program.

Free Student Bus Pass + Metrobus NEW

Students attending Annandale, Davis Center, Falls Church, Justice, and Marshall will be able to sign up for the Free Student Bus Pass + Metrobus Program.  This expanded program includes Fairfax Connector, Cue, and Metrobus access between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., seven days a week.  There will be approved routes students can utilize.  Visit the Fairfax Connector website for more information on this expanded program or get started by completing the Permission Form.

Driving to School

Student parking permits will be offered for sale through the high schools.  A valid driver's license is required.  A temporary 90-day paper or provisional license is fine.  However, no learner permits that strictly require the student to drive with a licensed driver are accepted.


School Bus Parking

School Bus Parking is a serious concern for FCPS. Inadequate parking facilities for buses, combined with the loss of past parking space, forces us to park school buses at many remote locations.

If you have a concern regarding the parking location for a particular school bus, please contact the Transportation Services supervisor for that site or the closest school.

Student Parking at Schools

Student parking is administered by each school or center. Please contact the school directly for more information.

Students may purchase parking permits at the school. Rates are set by the School Board. Age or other restrictions may apply. Students who choose to park on city or county streets do so at their own risk.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is administered by each school or center. Please contact the school directly for more information. There are usually a limited number of designated spaces for this purpose.