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May 10 - Apego: Creando una relación con mi hijo donde se sienta seguro y protegido. (presentado en español)

Como ayudar a mi hijo a sentirse seguro en la relación que tiene con nosotros como padres.

Cuatro de los retos más comunes que puede presentar mi hijo durante su desarrollo emocional.

Estrategias para responder a estos retos sin afectar el desarrollo de un apego seguro.

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May 14 and 15 - Covid-19 (C19) Compensatory Services Partnership Between FCPS and Varsity Tutors

Join us for an information session about a new partnership between Fairfax County Schools (FCPS) and Varsity Tutors. This partnership will provide students with disabilities an additional opportunity to receive compensatory education as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic in accordance with their IEP.

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May 17 - Meet the Author Series: The Breakthrough Years by Ellen Galinsky

Child development expert Ellen Galinsky challenges widely held assumptions about adolescents and offers new ways for parents and others to better understand and interact with them in a way that helps them thrive.

Galinsky’s Shared Solutions Framework and Possibilities Mindset show you how to:

  • turn daily conflicts into opportunities for problem-solving where both teens and parents feel listened to and respected
  • encourage positive risk-taking in your child like standing up for themselves, making new friends, and helping their communities
  • promote five essential executive function-based skills that can help them succeed now and in the future.

Join best-selling author, Ellen Galinksy, as she shares her latest research on raising thriving teens.

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May 31 - Behavior Solution Series for Secondary Families: Taming the Teenaged Brain

Navigate the rollercoaster of teenage emotions with our training on behavior strategies, tailored to support you at home during those challenging adolescent years. We will provide practical insights and proven techniques to foster understanding and communication with your teenager.

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