2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee, Finalists, and School Recepients

The outstanding school-Based professional employees recognized for 2022

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee

blair smithBlair Smith, Assistant Director, Student Activities
Centreville High School, Region 4

“Blair is one of the most genuine and good-hearted people I have met. His positive energy is contagious, and we are lucky to call him a Wildcat.” Words like these are often heard at Centreville High School. In addition to his own position, he has taken on the responsibilities of multiple leadership positions within Centreville, excelling at all roles. He’s worked countless hours fostering a collaborative environment with all stakeholders ensuring student-athletes were given the time, space, support, and resources necessary to safely return to play during seasons impacted by rapidly changing COVID guidelines and protocols. Blair builds relationships with staff and families, allowing them to feel supported and heard. “He truly is the glue that holds athletics and activities together.”

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist  

ghil hongGhil Onyou Hong
School Counselor
Hayfield Secondary School, Region 3

Ghil embraces everyone at Hayfield as family. As one student explained, “Family means we need to be there for each other, love one another.” Ghil is there at every turn, whether it is supporting Young Scholars and ESOL or uniting with middle and high school students through the No Place For Hate initiative to combat intolerance. Another student shared, “He made me feel seen and heard when I was at my lowest; he offered support in such a genuine way that I knew he wasn’t just listening to me because it was his job, but because he cared.” This is the unconditional love he has for every student, which has led many to form various iterations of the Hong Squad.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist   

laurie lasonLaurie L. Laso
School Social Worker
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Non-Region

Working in alternative schools with at-risk middle and high school students has been Laurie's lifetime passion. Her goal is to foster resiliency by building positive relationships with students and engaging their families in supporting their children's social and emotional needs. Laurie also connects students and families with community-based resources such as food, emergency housing, daycare, and mental health services. She is a nonstop team player and works closely with teachers and clinical teams at both of her schools. During the pandemic, Laurie delivered laptops, food, grocery gift cards, and clothing to families in need. Now that the students are back in school, her biggest focus has been on getting students needed mental health services.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist     

carly le blancCarly M. Le Blanc
School Based Technology Specialist
Hutchison Elementary School, Region 1

As an alumnus of FCPS, Carly is proud to give back to her alma mater, Hutchison Elementary. She has had an incredible impact on Hutchison's continued success, especially during such challenging times. She actively builds relationships with colleagues, students, and community members. As equity lead, she seeks to amplify student voice and collaborates with colleagues to provide rigorous opportunities for all. Carly engages caregivers and community members through night and weekend classes and events to expand access to technology and community resources. She creates a culture of safe risk-taking where teachers explore new tools and innovative pedagogy to engage students and support achievement. “I can honestly share,” states her principal, “I'm not sure where we would be without her.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist

leslie leiseyLeslie Leisey
School Based Technology Specialist
Poplar Tree Elementary School, Region 5 

While Leslie’s official title is the SBTS at Poplar Tree, she is also a student voice activist, staff morale specialist, and community builder extraordinaire. Leslie’s positive attitude builds and fosters relationships with the school community. She has the unique capability of making you feel knowledgeable while teaching you along the way. Her creation and management of the Paw Tech Squad are what sets her apart. This student organization is a unique and exceptional contribution to FCPS. She champions students to take the role of technology specialists themselves. One Tech Squad parent said, “My kids like her because she ‘listens to us.’ Mrs. Leisey gives students a sense of belonging and a chance for their voice to be heard.”

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist  

bethany radcliffeBethany Radcliffe
Resource Teacher, Special Education
Kilmer Center, Region 2

At Kilmer Center, Bethany strives to help students with disabilities achieve meaningful differences that lead to a better quality of life. Through thoughtful discussion, collaboration, and modeling, Bethany helps teams design and implement effective ways of teaching Kilmer Center’s students new skills that lead to increased independence. She values relationships and embodies a caring culture through her daily interactions with students and staff. By treating everyone with kindness and truly listening before speaking, Bethany ensures that every team member and student is valued, respected, and heard. She believes all students can make progress and works hard to foster an environment where everyone thrives. She treasures her bonds formed with the school community and the accomplishments of Kilmer Center’s students.

2022 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee School Recipients

  • Annandale High School
    • Catie Bishop, History & Social Studies Teacher
  • Bailey's Upper Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Kerri Lawrence, Instructional Coach
  • Baileys Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences
    • Nicole S. Wilkins, School Counselor 
  • Beech Tree Elementary School
    • Alexandra Allman, Reading Teacher
  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
    • Lisa Jeffries, School Counselor*
  • Braddock Elementary School
    • Jacquelyn Vereen, Title I Resource Teacher*
  • Bull Run Elementary School
    • Rachael Wagner, School Counselor
  • Burke School
    • Dina Berhan, School Counselor
  • Bush Hill Elementary School
    • Megan deLorimier, Resource Teacher
  • Camelot Elementary School
    • Andrea Rubin, Reading Specialist
  • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
    • Amelia Abd, Reading Teacher
  • Centreville High School
    • Blair Smith, Assistant Director, Student Activities*
  • Chantilly High School
    • Dana Condemi, School Social Worker 
  • Clearview Elementary School
    • Alexis Pozinsky, School Counselor
  • Colin Powell Elementary School
    • Nichole Lansdowne, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Crossfield Elementary School
    • Holly Sims, School Based Technology Specialist*
  • Cub Run Elementary School
    • Courtney Marques, School Social Worker
  • Daniels Run Elementary School
    • Caleb Lee, Technology Support Specialist
  • Davis Career Center
    • Yami Bosque, Employment & Transition Representative
  • Dogwood Elementary School
    • Kara Armstrong, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Dranesville Elementary School
    • Karen Evans, Speech Pathologist
  • Eagle View Elementary School
    • Heidi Zecher, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Edison High School
    • David Schlemmer, School Counselor
  • Fairfax County Adult High School
    • Jessica Lanier, School Counselor
  • Fairfax High School
    • Mark Luther, Assistant Director, Student Activities
  • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
    • Nicole Lee, Resource Teacher
  • Fairhill Elementary School
    • Gihea Schwartz, School Counselor
  • Fairview Elementary School
    • Mary Ann Barry, School Counselor
  • Falls Church High School
    • Gina Rotanelli, Career & Transition Teacher
  • Flint Hill Elementary School
    • Amy Williams, School Counselor*
  • Floris Elementary School
    • Katie Schaefer, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Forestdale Elementary School
    • Stephanie Felix, School Counselor
  • Fort Belvoir Primary School
    • Reon Brogan, School Counselor
  • Fort Hunt Elementary School
    • Sarah Vavredge, School Counselor*
  • Franconia Elementary School
    • Carrie Summers, School Psychologist*
  • Franklin Middle School
    • Joni Fraundorfer, School Counselor
  • Franklin Sherman Elementary School
    • Christian King, School Based Technology Specialist 
  • Freedom Hill Elementary School
    • Taylor Coleman, School Counselor
  • Frost Middle School
    • Meghan Short, Instructional Coach
  • Garfield Elementary School
    • Kerry Grochmal, Instructional Coach
  • Glasgow Middle School
    • Danielle Griffin, Instructional Coach
  • Greenbriar East Elementary School
    • April Cascio, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Greenbriar West Elementary School
    • Anne Flannagan, School Counselor
  • Halley Elementary School
    • Tammy Anderson, Reading Specialist
  • Haycock Elementary School
    • Veronique Lilienthal, School Counselor
  • Hayfield Secondary School
    • Ghil Hong, School Counselor*
  • Herndon Elementary School
    • Brian Falkey, School Counselor
  • Herndon High School
    • Randi Fortier, School Counselor
  • Hollin Meadows Elementary School
    • Laurie Marichak, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Holmes Middle School
    • Christopher Kamar, Assessment Coach
  • Hughes Middle School
    • Laura Vagts, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Garry Carter, School Counselor*
  • Hutchison Elementary School
    • Carly Le Blanc, School Based Technology Specialist*
  • Interagency Alternative Schools
    • Deanne Lyon, Curriculum Resource Teacher
  • Irving Middle School
    • David Frenck, School Counselor 
  • Justice High School
    • Gregory Thomas, Instructional Coach
  • Katherine Johnson Middle School
    • Julio Dejo, After School Specialist*
  • Keene Mill Elementary School
    • Brian Lachance, School Based Technology Specialist*
  • Key Center
    • Katherine A. Huynh, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Key Middle School
    • Danna Hailfinger, Instructional Coach
  • Kilmer Center
    • Bethany Radcliffe, Resource Teacher, Special Education*
  • Kings Park Elementary School
    • Corri Shusterman, School Counselor
  • Lake Braddock Secondary School
    • Amy Haughton, Learning Disabilities Teacher*
  • Langley High School
    • Jennifer Baldesare, School Counselor
  • Laurel Ridge Elementary School
    • Susan Waring, School Counselor
  • Lees Corner Elementary School
    • Mike Lis, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Lemon Road Elementary School
    • Erica McKinney, School Counselor
  • Little Run Elementary School
    • Brittany Belscher, School Counselor
  • London Towne Elementary School
    • Rachel Lanier, School Based Technology Specialist 
  • Longfellow Middle School
    • Mary Reid, School Based Technology Specialist*
  • Luther Jackson Middle School
    • Matt Hoffert, After School Specialist
  • Lynbrook Elementary School
    • Karen Baxter, School Based Technology Specialist*
  • Marshall High School
    • Cornell Williams, Assistant Director, Student Activities
  • Marshall Road Elementary School
    • Reda Al Muressi, Technology Support Specialis
  • McLean High School
    • Gregory Olcott, School Counselor
  • Montrose Alternative Learning Center
    • Laurie L. Laso, School Social Worker*
  • Mosaic Elementary School
    • Laura Zinn, School Counselor
  • Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School
    • Fredrick King, School Psychologist*
  • Navy Elementary School
    • Maria (Rachael) Boisacy, School Counselor
  • Oak Hill Elementary School
    • Ginny Phinney, School Psychologist 
  • Oakton Elementary School
    • Shana Schnaue, School Counselor 
  • Oakton High School
    • Jessica Vilbas, School Counselor
  • Olde Creek Elementary School
    • Julie Wilson, Reading Specialist*
  • Poe Middle School
    • Kristin Turner, School Counselor 
  • Poplar Tree Elementary School
    • Leslie Leisey, School Based Technology Specialist*
  • Providence Elementary School
    • Bissan Heise, School Counselor
  • Ravensworth Elementary School
    • Melissa Keller, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Riverside Elementary School
    • Karlie Hale, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Robinson Secondary School
    • Derek Knizner, Technology Support Specialist, MS
    • Max Ruth, Technology Support Specialist, MS
  • Rocky Run Middle School
    • Sandra Meador, Resource Teacher
  • Rolling Valley Elementary School
    • Darlene Nelson, School Counselor
  • Rose Hill Elementary School
    • Tara Boone, Instructional Coach
  • Sandburg Middle School
    • Mary Ball, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Sangster Elementary School
    • Hannah Chen, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Saratoga Elementary School
    • Laura Emden, Reading Teacher
  • Shrevewood Elementary School
    • April Done, Advanced Academics Resource Teacher
  • Silverbrook Elementary School
    • Jeanne Taylor, Reading Teacher
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
    • Carolina Almeida, Technology Support Specialist*
  • South County High School
    • Michelle Gunderman, School Counselor
  • South County Middle School
    • Donna Isler, Speech Language Pathologist*
  • South Lakes High School
    • Oliver Goodridge, School Counselor
  • Springfield Estates Elementary School
    • Bonny Song, Technology Support Specialist 
  • Stone Middle School
    • Katie Marrefi, School Counselor*
  • Stratford Landing Elementary School
    • Katie Kirdahi, School Based Technology Specialist
  • Sunrise Valley Elementary School
    • Jennifer Savory, School Counselor
  • Terraset Elementary School
    • Carly Guinn, Instructional Coach
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
    • Sean Burke, School Counselor*
  • Union Mill Elementary School
    • Jamie Clinch, Technology Coach
  • Virginia Run Elementary School
    • Jenna DeKeuster, School Counselor
  • Waples Mill Elementary School
    • Amelia Abasolo, School Counselor
  • West Potomac High School
    • Janet Babic, School Based Technology Specialist
  • West Springfield Elementary School
    • Kimberly O'Connor, School Counselor
  • Westbriar Elementary School
    • Michael Murphy, Technology Support Specialist
  • Westfield High School
    • Lauren Jones, Technology Support Specialist
  • Westgate Elementary School
    • Leanne Sullivan, Reading Teacher
  • Westlawn Elementary School
    • Joleen Michalowicz, Technology Support Specialist
  • Whitman Middle School
    • Tiashia Roberts, School Counselor 
  • Willow Springs Elementary School
    • Tamela Shelton, School Counselor
  • Woodburn Elementary School
    • Molly Buchanan, School Social Worker*
  • Woodson High School
    • Chris Hogge, Certified Athletic Trainer

*Denotes pyramid winner

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