2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee, Finalists, and School Recipients

The Outstanding School-Based Professional Employees Recognized For 2023

The Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Award recognizes operational and non-instructional nonschool-based employees who serve in a curriculum support or student support capacity and who have made unique and exceptional contributions to FCPS. Recipients demonstrate commitment and foster cooperative relationships with colleagues and in the community. Any FCPS employee or community member may nominate an operational employee that is a Schedule B or non-instructional school-based employee that has held their position for at least one full year for this award.

2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee 

Katelyn M. Hagen portraitKatelyn M. Hagen

Intervention Specialist
South County Middle School, Region 4

“Students first, always.” This core belief drives Katelyn’s commitment to the South County community. Partnering with colleagues and families, she is passionate about supporting students’ academic success and meeting behavioral and social-emotional needs. Katelyn has built a robust Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework by facilitating data analysis, structuring academic interventions, reinforcing PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), and leading programs like Check-In/Check-Out and High Five Partners. In addition, Katelyn collaborates with teams to remove barriers and increase access to tools and resources that maximize student learning. A colleague shared, “Katelyn connects with stakeholders, rallies support, and implements new ideas. Her ability to bring individuals and their talents together to support students is invaluable.”

2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist

christian kelsey portraitKelsey Christian

Crisis Resource Teacher
Olde Creek Elementary School, Region 5

As the crisis resource teacher in a comprehensive service site program, Kelsey strives to make school a safe and nurturing environment for all students. She works tirelessly every day to learn the unique needs of her students and provide them with the tools necessary to feel successful in school. From soccer games on the field to reading books on the beanbag chairs to lending a helping hand during a fraction’s unit, Kelsey supports the staff and students with the proactive and reactive strategies needed for each school day. She collaborates with the classroom staff, administration, clinical supports, families, and the student to ensure every child feels they have a place at school!

2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist

tara dutton portraitTara A. Dutton

Literacy Leader
Forestville Elementary School, Region 1

Tara’s kind, calm, rational, and helpful demeanor aids her drive to help others. As a lifelong learner, Tara has a wealth of knowledge in many areas that extend beyond her role as a reading specialist. Due to this vast knowledge, Tara offers insight for all teachers and teachers seek her out for advice and support. She consistently rises to the role of leader even though she never seeks it. Her support towards students and teachers comes from her experience in elementary schools (Physical Education, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 6th grade), as well as being a National Board-Certified teacher. In addition, she provides an empathetic approach to parents, teachers, and students.

2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist

Sarah Español portraitSarah Español

Speech Language Pathologist
Marshall High School, Region 2 

While collaborating with her colleagues and school administrators, Sarah’s goal is to improve outcomes for all students during their time in high school and to prepare them for their transition to life after school. Throughout her career working in schools, Sarah has seen how difficult it is for students with disabilities and their families to feel a sense of belonging to the school community. It has been powerful for Sarah to see the connections that authentic inclusion opportunities bring to students with and without disabilities during her work as a Best Buddies advisor and Special Olympics Unified Team coach. Sarah is honored to work with her school team - students, teachers, and families- to facilitate these programs at Marshall High School.

2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalist

Elizabeth Romeo portraitElizabeth Romeo

School Social Worker
Lorton Station Elementary School, Region 3

On paper, Elizabeth is a school social worker, but to the community at Lorton Station Elementary, she is so much more. Elizabeth centers her work around equity and the dignity of students and families, whether in a local screening meeting, a sociocultural interview, small groups for social-emotional learning, or simply meeting one-on-one for consultation. In her five years at Lorton Station, she has become trusted and respected by the community, and she is counted on for her guidance and leadership. Elizabeth’s authenticity shines through as she provides support and resources needed for student success, particularly as the community recovers from the impact of the pandemic, allowing her to form strong relationships with staff, students, and parents alike.

Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee Finalists Slideshow

2023 Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee School Recipients

  • Annandale High School
    • Jeniva Miller - Instructional Coach
  • Annandale Terrace Elementary School
    • Jennifer Warren - School Counselor
  • Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences
    • Misty Edwards - Technology Support Specialist
  • Braddock Elementary School
    • Renee Brown - Reading Resource Techer
  • Bren Mar Park Elementary School
    • Michelle Kramer - School Counselor
  • Bucknell Elementary School
    • Abby Demers - Instructional Coach *
  • Bull Run Elementary School
    • Laura Reed - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Burke School
    • Kelly Willis- School Based Technology Specialist
  • Bush Hill Elementary School
    • Bree Ouardi - Speech Language Pathologist
  • Camelot Elementary School
    • Kate Hanson - Speech Language Pathologist
  • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
    • Amelia Abd - Reading Teacher
  • Cardinal Forest Elementary School
    • Jennifer Nothstine - Special Education Department Chair
  • Centre Ridge Elementary School
    • Joanne Hartle - Social Worker
  • Centreville Elementary School
    • Kerry Loftus de Diaz - Special Education Department Chair
  • Centreville High School
    • Kara Stamper - College and Career Specialist *
  • Chantilly High School
    • Emily Phelan - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Chesterbrook Elementary School
    • Heather Lomelin - School Counselor
  • Churchill Road Elementary School
    • Nick Kilpatrick - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Clearview Elementary School
    • Shayna Sargent - School Social Worker
  • Colin Powell Elementary School
    • Nichole Lansdowne - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Cooper Middle School
    • Laura Wiley - School Counselor
    • Courtney Derr - Instructional Coach
  • Crossfield Elementary School
    • Kelli Soskey - Reading Teacher
  • Cub Run Elementary School
    • Carol Ann Timpson - Special Education Department Chair
  • Cunningham Park Elementary School
    • Keri Mina - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Daniels Run Elementary School
    • Lawrence Veasley - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Deer Park Elementary School
    • Casey Comer - School Counselor
  • Dranesville Elementary School
    • Jaclyn Young - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Edison High School
    • Tony Le - Technology Support Specialist
  • Fairfax County Adult High School
    • Yolanda Spears - School Counselor
  • Fairfax High School
    • Maureen Kim - College & Career Specialist
  • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
    • Therese Payne - Technology Support Specialist
  • Fairhill Elementary School
    • Kirsten Chen - Special Education Department Chair
  • Falls Church High School
    • Joel Harrop - Technology Support Specialist *
  • Floris Elementary School
    • Karen Scoggins - Speech Language Pathologist
  • Forest Edge Elementary School
    • Stephanie Guffain - Instructional Coach
  • Forestdale Elementary School
    • Jamie Edwards - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Forestville Elementary School
    • Tara Dutton - Reading Specialist *
  • Fort Belvoir Primary School
    • Lauren Damico - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Fort Hunt Elementary School
    • Cory Yeager - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Franconia Elementary School
    • Leslie Calhoun Fry - School Counselor
  • Franklin Middle School
    • Joni Fraundorfer - School Counselor *
  • Frost Middle School
    • John Greenwood - Technology Support Specialist
  • Garfield Elementary School
    • Brandon Tomnay - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Glasgow Middle School
    • Danielle Griffin - Instructional Coach
  • Graham Road Elementary School
    • Julie Tillman - Instructional Coach
  • Greenbriar East Elementary School
    • Lori Purvis - Technology Support Specialist
  • Greenbriar West Elementary School
    • Megan McAndrew - School Counselor
  • Groveton Elementary School
    • Renee Berman - Reading Specialist
  • Halley Elementary School
    • Jennifer Buchko - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Haycock Elementary School
    • Katherine Zacur - Special Education Department Chair
  • Hayfield Elementary School
    • Necole Brown - School Counselor
  • Hayfield Secondary School
    • Emily Gregory - Assessment Coach
  • Herndon Elementary School
    • Emily Keffer - Title I Resource Teacher *
  • Herndon High School
    • Shannon Kamenick - School Counselor
  • Herndon Middle School
    • Aimee Conrad - Special Education Department Chair
  • Holmes Middle School
    • Mel Mollick - School Based Technology Specialist *
  • Hughes Middle School
    • Laura Vagts - Special Education Department Chair
  • Hunt Valley Elementary School
    • Evan Lemmerman - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Irving Middle School
    • Holly Mossburg - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Justice High School
    • Pam Fridley - Instructional Coach
  • Katherine Johnson Middle School
    • Kelsea Owens - School Based Technology Specialist *
  • Keene Mill Elementary School
    • Leigh Ashurst - School Counselor *
  • Key Center School
    • Beth Curtis - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Key Middle School
    • Kristen Reighard - School Counselor
  • Kilmer Middle School
    • Erin Kestler - School Counselor
  • Kings Park Elementary School
    • Corri Shusterman - School Counselor
  • Lake Anne Elementary School
    • Rebecca Hirschman - Instructional Coach *
  • Lake Braddock Secondary School
    • Sarah Olson - School Based Technology Specialist *
  • Lane Elementary School
    • Katelyn Randolph - Reading Specialist
  • Langley High School
    • Natalie Malone - School Counselor
  • Laurel Hill Elementary School
    • Rachel Morris - Reading Specialist
  • Liberty Middle School
    • Madison Fleming - School Counselor
  • Longfellow Middle School
    • Elaina Bafaro - Resource Teacher
  • Lorton Station Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Romeo - School Social Worker *
  • Louise Archer Elementary School
    • Beth Jackson - School Social Worker
  • Luther Jackson Middle School
    • Suzanne Zulauf - Instructional Coach
    • Matt Hoffert - After-School Specialist
  • Lynbrook Elementary School
    • Debbie Perez-Zurita - School Psychologist *
  • Madison High School
    • Derrick Rauenzahn - School Based Technology Specialist *
  • Mantua Elementary School
    • Austin Swift - School Social Worker
  • Marshall High School
    • Sarah Espanol - Speech Language Pathologist *
  • Marshall Road Elementary School
    • Meghan Gillespie - School Counselor
  • McLean High School
    • Ashley Lowry - School Based Technology Specialist *
  • McNair Elementary School
    • Mary-Elizabeth Hagaman - Special Education Department Chair
  • Mount Eagle Elementary School
    • Shannon Dickenson - Title I Resource Teacher
  • Mount Vernon High School
    • Danielle Torres - Special Education Department Chair *
  • Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School
    • Kristen Robinson - MTSS Intervention Specialist
  • Oak Hill Elementary School
    • Stacey Allman - Speech Language Pathologist
  • Oak View Elementary School
    • Kristen Brechwald - Instructional Coach
  • Oakton High School
    • Elizabeth Chase-Kang - School Counselor *
  • Olde Creek Elementary School
    • Kelsey Christian - Crisis Resource Teacher *
  • Parklawn Elementary School
    • Jamie Fobert - School Counselor *
  • Pine Spring Elementary School
    • Leah DeLew - School Psychologist
  • Quander Road School High School
    • Kevin M. Payne - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Ravensworth Elementary School
    • Wendy Casual - MTSS Coordinator
  • Riverside Elementary School
    • Kayla Lee - Instructional Coach
  • Robinson Secondary School
    • Taylor Nelson - School Counselor *
  • Rocky Run Middle School
    • Shannon Campbell - After-School Specialist
  • Rolling Valley Elementary School
    • Mary Lou Bare - Technology Support Specialist
  • Sandburg Middle School
    • Carrington Beasley - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Sangster Elementary School
    • Jean-Marie Boyle - Special Education Department Chair
  • Saratoga Elementary School
    • Beth Polansky - Advanced Academic Program Coach
  • Shrevewood Elementary School
    • Kristen Neumeister - Speech Language Pathologist
  • Silverbrook Elementary School
    • Amanda Branch - School Counselor
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
    • Erinn Burakow - Speech Language Pathologist
  • South County High School
    • Michelle Gunderman - School Counselor
  • South County Middle School
    • Katelyn Hagen - Intervention Coordinator *
  • South Lakes High School
    • Amy Beth Kramer - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Stone Middle School
    • Alison Costanza - School Based Technology Specialist *
  • Stratford Landing Elementary School
    • Rose Stephens - Instructional Coach
  • Sunrise Valley Elementary School
    • Matt Stewart - School Based Technology Specialist
  • Terraset Elementary School
    • Suzanne White - Math Resource Teacher
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
    • Kerry Hamblin - School Counselor *
  • Thoreau Middle School
    • Kerrie Turner - School Counselor
  • Twain Middle School
    • Maria Danosos - School Counselor *
  • Union Mill Elementary School
    • Jenna Schmidt - School Counselor
  • Wakefield Forest Elementary School
    • Chelsea Boateng - School Counselor
  • Waples Mill Elementary School
    • Bianca Sanchez - School Based Technology Specialist
  • West Potomac High School
    • Lauren Creighton - School Counselor
  • West Springfield Elementary School
    • Connie Carney - Reading Specialist
  • West Springfield High School
    • Rosie Donaldson - Assistant Director, Student Activities
  • Westfield High School
    • Bill Sidener - School Counselor
  • Westgate Elementary School
    • Andie Ogden - Mathematics Resource Teacher
  • Westlawn Elementary School
    • Anna Yim - Reading Specialist
  • Whitman Middle School
    • Freda Woods - Dean of Students
  • Wolftrap Elementary School
    • Alysa Daigle - School Psychologist
  • Woodburn Elementary School
    • Sara Kugler - Literacy Coach
  • Woodson High School
    • Ryan Dickerson - School Psychologist

*Denotes pyramid winner

Employees, Applicants, and Retirees

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