2023 Outstanding Elementary Teacher, Finalists, and School Recipients

The Outstanding Elementary Teachers Recognized For 2023

The Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award recognizes elementary teachers who demonstrate dedication, commitment, and the ability to propel students to high levels of success. The recipients meet the individual needs of students, foster talent, instill a desire to learn, and nurture cooperative relationships among colleagues and in the community. Any FCPS employee or community member may nominate teachers with at least three full years of experience for this award.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher

Laura SenturiaLaura Senturia

Fourth Grade Teacher
Colin Powell Elementary School, Region 4

Laura brings positive energy, a caring nature, and a strong sense of compassion to school each day. She creates a safe space where students are encouraged to celebrate their strengths, embrace one another, learn from their mistakes, and reach their highest potential. Laura leads by example by empowering students to see themselves as global citizens, emphasizing respect, kindness, and hard work. This work goes beyond her classroom walls to the entire student body at Powell Elementary through her leadership of the Student Council Association (SCA). She builds and creates an uplifting community around her, making an intentional and ongoing effort to construct an environment where everyone – students, teachers, and staff – knows they are valued, cared for, and important.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist 

ceglie-kristen-portraitKristen Ceglie

Fourth Grade Teacher
Coates Elementary School, Region 5

Kristen is a passionate and dedicated teacher who believes in putting students at the center of their learning. She works to create authentic learning experiences that engage, inspire, and challenge her students to reach their full potential. Kristen builds relationships with her students to create a safe and supportive learning environment where they feel comfortable taking risks, asking questions, and exploring new ideas together through a variety of modalities. She is a leader who jumps at the chance to bring new innovative ideas to her students and colleagues. In addition to her work in the classroom, Kristen is an active member of her school community. She volunteers her time through social committees and academic and social and emotional learning (SEL) clubs.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist 

Kristine HsiaKristine Hsia

ESOL Teacher
Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, Region 2

As a dedicated teacher of multilingual learners, Kristine guides students effectively through the complexities of learning a new language. She has a gift for articulating intricate ideas with clarity and interweaving engaging learning outcomes with critical language concepts. Deeply committed to disrupting linguistic discrimination and cultural biases in education, she believes classrooms should be a place where students do not have to lose any element of their identity to achieve success. Kristine also cares about her students’ futures. Along with a teammate, she hosted Sleepy Hollow’s first Student Leadership Academy and took a group of 20 students, many of whom would be the first in their families to potentially attend college, to George Mason University to learn about education opportunities beyond FCPS.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist 

lugo-franqui-maritzaMaritza Lugo Franqui

Fifth Grade Immersion Teacher
Groveton Elementary School, Region 3

Maritza Lugo is a dedicated teacher committed to her students and their success. With her resolute focus on building a caring and inclusive classroom community, she provides access to high-quality instruction for her Spanish immersion students. Maritza continuously collaborates with her teammates to share resources and develop lessons that engage and motivate students to learn science and math. She also works to connect with students and families by volunteering her time to help with Spanish translations in parent conferences and by teaching after-school programs in the community. She is very proud to work with such a diverse community and is honored to represent Latino women scientists in education.

2023 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist 

mehrer-maureenMaureen E. Mehrer

ESOL Teacher
Hutchison Elementary School, Region 1

Before entering Maureen’s class, you must ask yourself, ¿Cuál es tu encanto? What is your gift? Maureen’s philosophy is that all students have equally important strengths even with different educational experiences. Her classroom celebrates and helps Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) see themselves as resilient and capable learners. Students work to acquire literacy in Spanish and bridge that knowledge to English. Her greatest joy is seeing the students realize that they have become readers and writers and see themselves as capable students. Parents may observe while students use their translanguaging skills to present their learning, demonstrating their growth and knowledge. You may also see colleagues collaborating to refine practices for reaching and teaching ALL our students, nuestros estudiantes.

Outstanding Elementary Teacher Finalists Slideshow

2023 Outstanding Elementary Teacher School Recipients

  • Aldrin Elementary School
    • Amy Salcedo - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Annandale Terrace Elementary School
    • Jameka Mensah - First Grade Teacher
  • Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences
    • Noel A. Naylor - ESOL Teacher
  • Bailey's Upper Elementary School
    • Monica Rabil - Third Grade Teacher
  • Beech Tree Elementary School
    • Heather Walnock - First Grade Teacher
  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
    • Cheryl Clark - First Grade Teacher
  • Braddock Elementary School
    • Emily Staudmyer - Third Grade Teacher *
  • Bren Mar Park Elementary School
    • Christine Watson - Librarian
  • Brookfield Elementary School
    • Diana Cribby - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Bucknell Elementary School
    • James Hargrove - Physical Education Teacher
  • Bull Run Elementary School
    • Erin Altman - ESOL Teacher
  • Bush Hill Elementary School
    • Lalin Courtney - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Camelot Elementary School
    • Cara Pelini - Special Education Department Chair
  • Cameron Elementary School
    • Julia Campbell - Third Grade Teacher *
  • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
    • Jaime Carroll - First Grade Teacher
  • Cardinal Forest Elementary School
    • Renee Centineo - ESOL Teacher
  • Centre Ridge Elementary School
    • Rebecca Henry - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Centreville Elementary School
    • Diana Lins - First Grade Teacher
  • Cherry Run Elementary School
    • Kristen Melchiori - Second Grade Teacher
  • Chesterbrook Elementary School
    • Taylor Hutchins - Second Grade Teacher
  • Churchill Road Elementary School
    • Maryann Hwang - Spanish FLES Teacher
  • Clearview Elementary School
    • Holly Hill - Advanced Academics Program Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Clermont Elementary School
    • Erin Simons - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Coates Elementary School
    • Kristen Ceglie - Fourth Grade Teacher *
  • Colin Powell Elementary School
    • Laura Senturia - Fourth Grade Teacher *
  • Columbia Elementary School
    • Laura Steib - Fifth Grade Advanced Academics Program Teacher
  • Crestwood Elementary School
    • Kathy L. Krajcovic - Second Grade Teacher
  • Crossfield Elementary School
    • Alison Hogan - Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Cub Run Elementary School
    • Val Sesso - Advanced Academics Resource Teacher
  • Cunningham Park Elementary School
    • Kathy Coles - Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Daniels Run Elementary School
    • Zoya Lucas - ESOL Teacher
  • Deer Park Elementary School
    • Judy Wang - Preschool Teacher
  • Dogwood Elementary School
    • Janie Brooks - PreK Teacher
  • Dranesville Elementary School
    • Kristine Petersen - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Eagle View Elementary School
    • Ginger Albertson - Music Teacher
  • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
    • Heather Atkinson - ESOL Teacher
  • Fairhill Elementary School
    • Kyran Brooks - Third Grade Teacher
  • Fairview Elementary School
    • Brittany Powers - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Flint Hill Elementary School
    • Micol Levi-Senigaglia - ESOL Teacher
  • Floris Elementary School
    • Ken Larson - Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Forest Edge Elementary School
    • Katie Smallwood - Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Forestdale Elementary School
    • Trelane Clark - Second Grade Teacher
  • Forestville Elementary School
    • Emily Pearson - Third Grade Teacher
  • Fort Belvoir Primary School
    • Betty Kishter - Second Grade Teacher
  • Fort Belvoir Upper Elementary School
    • Synthia Fairley - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Fort Hunt Elementary School
    • Leslie Curtin-Holt - Third Grade Teacher
  • Franconia Elementary School
    • James Bensinger - Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Franklin Sherman Elementary School
    • Caroline Cox - Second Grade Teacher
  • Garfield Elementary School
    • Holly Kosatka - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Graham Road Elementary School
    • Wan Ji Lee - Art Teacher
  • Greenbriar East Elementary School
    • Rachel Cohen - Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Greenbriar West Elementary School
    • Jennifer Mann - Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Groveton Elementary School
    • Maritza Lugo - Fifth Grade Teacher *
  • Halley Elementary School
    • Najma Khan - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Haycock Elementary School
    • Patty Kearns - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Hayfield Elementary School
    • Janey Markon - Fifth Grade teacher
  • Herndon Elementary School
    • Conner Rhodes-Hadian - Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Hollin Meadows Elementary School
    • Alexandria Resch- Third/Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Hunt Valley Elementary School
    • Jenni Pak - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Jill Moore - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Hutchison Elementary School
    • Maureen Mehrer - ESOL Teacher *
  • Island Creek Elementary School
    • Lindsey Barber - Physical Education Teacher
  • Keene Mill Elementary School
    • Rhonda Doll - First Grade Teacher
  • Kent Gardens Elementary School
    • Lisa Waters - Fourth Grade Teacher *
  • Kings Glen Elementary School
    • Michelle Keenan - Strings Teacher
  • Kings Park Elementary School
    • Jamie Mucciolo - Third Grade Teacher
  • Lane Elementary School
    • Laura Schadle - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Laurel Hill Elementary School
    • Devetta Boyce - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Laurel Ridge Elementary School
    • Laura Spage - Fourth Grade Teacher *
  • Lees Corner Elementary School
    • Christina Penton - Second Grade Teacher
  • Lemon Road Elementary School
    • Kendall Heren - Special Education Lead Teacher *
  • Little Run Elementary School
    • Adrienne Dupont - Preschool Autism Teacher *
  • Lorton Station Elementary School
    • Christine Fewell - Physical Education Teacher *
  • Louise Archer Elementary School
    • Amy Stohs - Second Grade Teacher
  • Lynbrook Elementary School
    • Janelle Gigliotti - Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Mantua Elementary School
    • Jamie DeRosa - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Marshall Road Elementary School
    • Nicole Henderson - Second Grade teacher
  • McNair Elementary School
    • Catherine Mobley - Kindergarten Teacher
  • McNair Upper Elementary School
    • Amy Freer - Fifth Grade Gifted Education Center Teacher
  • Mosaic Elementary School
    • Janet Hopkins - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mount Eagle Elementary School
    • Skyler Arrington - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School
    • Jennifer Schless - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Navy Elementary School
    • Connie Lee - Gifted Education Center Teacher
  • Newington Forest Elementary School
    • Andi Drummond - Sixth Grade Teacher *
  • North Springfield Elementary School
    • Karen Brown - Preschool Teacher
  • Oak Hill Elementary School
    • Sara Horn - Third Grade Teacher
  • Oak View Elementary School
    • Allison Beach - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Oakton Elementary School
    • Abbey Strzemienski - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Olde Creek Elementary School
    • Christina Cronin - First Grade Teacher
  • Orange Hunt Elementary School
    • Beth Smith - First Grade Teacher
  • Parklawn Elementary School
    • Jen Reynolds - Preschool Autism Teacher
  • Pine Spring Elementary School
    • Caren Eclarinal - Art Teacher
  • Poplar Tree Elementary School
    • Jacqueline Knuckles - Gifted Education Center Teacher *
  • Providence Elementary School
    • Christine He - Sixth Grade Teacher *
  • Ravensworth Elementary School
    • Brooke Hornberger - First Grade Teacher
  • Riverside Elementary School
    • Christopher Timberlake - Gifted Education Center Teacher
  • Rolling Valley Elementary School
    • Shakira Thomas - Second Grade Teacher
  • Sangster Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Speight - First Grade Teacher
  • Saratoga Elementary School
    • Heather Simpson - Fourth Grade Teacher *
  • Shrevewood Elementary School
    • Kirsten Milhorn - First Grade Teacher
  • Silverbrook Elementary School
    • Lori Newman - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
    • Kristine Hsia - ESOL Teacher *
  • Spring Hill Elementary School
    • Jenny Strandlund - Lead Mentor Resource Teacher *
  • Springfield Estates Elementary School
    • Terri Lee - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Stratford Landing Elementary School
    • Dave Magee - Physical Education Teacher
  • Sunrise Valley Elementary School
    • Christine Case - Third Grade Gifted Education Center Teacher *
  • Terra Centre Elementary School
    • Maggie Lowe - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Terraset Elementary School
    • Frances Delzell - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Timber Lane Elementary School
    • Clara Villalobos Cortes - ESOL Teacher
  • Union Mill Elementary School
    • Mary Holdsman - First GradeTeacher
  • Vienna Elementary School
    • Michelle Flanigan - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Virginia Run Elementary School
    • Ayse Nalcaoglu - ESOL Teacher
  • Wakefield Forest Elementary School
    • Erin Buhl - First Grade Teacher
  • Waples Mill Elementary School
    • Sarah Jacobs - Second Grade Teacher *
  • Waynewood Elementary School
    • Sarah Lafayette - Fourth Grade Teacher
  • West Springfield Elementary School
    • Emma Python - Sixth Grade Teacher *
  • Westgate Elementary School
    • Michelle Scherbenske - Librarian
  • Westlawn Elementary School
    • Julia Tolbert - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Weyanoke Elementary School
    • Ellen Horgan - Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • White Oaks Elementary School
    • Jenny Brotemarkle - Fourth Grade Teacher *
    • Holly Darling - Librarian
  • Willow Springs Elementary School
    • Tanya Vila - First Grade Teacher
  • Wolftrap Elementary School
    • Cara Rubin - Third Grade Teacher *
  • Woodburn Elementary School
    • Victoria Meshanko - Third Grade Teacher *
  • Woodley Hills Elementary School
    • Kathryn Deville - Kindergarten Teacher *

*Denotes pyramid winner

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