2022 Outstanding Elementary Teacher, Finalists, and School Recipients

The outstanding elementary teachers recognized at 2022 FCPS Honors

2022 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher 

essel lintonEssel Linton
Music Teacher
Annandale Terrace Elementary School, Region 2

Essel’s music class is always filled with students singing, dancing, playing instruments, and most importantly having fun while creating beautiful music together. She crafts intentional, meaningful, and highly engaging lessons while embracing the social, emotional, and cultural differences of all learners. Growing up in an immigrant family and being an English Language Learner herself, Essel brings her unique experiences to the creation of accessible lessons that integrate musical skills and language learning. One of her colleagues said, “Creating a music-making experience where students feel safe, encouraged, and able to take risks is Essel’s forte and passion.” From current and former students to mentoring novice music educators, Essel’s impact as a teacher is felt community-wide.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist  

kelly daughertyKelly Marie Daugherty
Third Grade Teacher
Gunston Elementary School, Region 3

Seeking professional challenges that make a difference, Kelly has inspired her colleagues and students alike. She is dedicated to differentiated learning and uses Fluency, Originality, Flexibility, and Elaboration (FOFE) strategies to develop students’ thinking skills and growth mindset. An example of her calm and thoughtful approach, Kelly even teaches her students yoga breathing techniques to help handle stress. As an inclusion teacher, Kelly taught multi-age classes and took on the first class of AAP students at her school. She also dedicated herself to after-school programs and STEM classes for young girls. She has assisted multiple student teachers throughout her career, and her colleagues seek her counsel and commend her for her professionalism.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist  

cheryl sanavaitisCheryl L. Sanavaitis
Kindergarten Teacher
Laurel Hill Elementary School, Region 4

Entering Cheryl’s classroom, you will find students who are growing to love learning! Cheryl’s greatest joy is seeing students’ faces light up when realizing they have discovered something new. She is a loving, nurturing, and dedicated teacher who instills ownership of learning in her students. Her eagerness to include and guide every child forward, her creativity, and genuine care are her greatest attributes. A lifelong learner, she’s always searching for new ideas and strategies to help her students grow. She creates engaging activities that achieve her goals for them. Cheryl builds relationships with her students so they know she cares, they are safe, and can trust her. Her students become risk-takers, active participants, and part of classroom community of dedicated learners.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist  

alexandra walkerAlexandra Walker
Second Grade Teacher
Sunrise Valley Elementary School, Region 1

Alex’s classroom is a place of warmth, nurturing, and acceptance. Alex greets students with a warm hello and asking about last night's soccer game, birthday celebration, or movie night. Whether it is planning a trip around the world to learn the continents, or exploring the butterfly garden to learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, her students connect their learning to the world around them. She believes that schools run best when everyone is a valued and trusted member of the school community. She strives to share her love of teaching with the teacher interns that work in her classroom. A quote that guides her teaching is: “Teach every day as if it’s your first and your last.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Finalist   

Kaitlin Wilson-VogelKaitlin Wilson-Vogel
Learning Disabilities Teacher
Fairfax Villa Elementary School, Region 5

As much a passionate teacher as she is a trusted leader, Kaitlin has made a lasting impact on past and present students, families, and colleagues. “Students are undoubtedly touched forever by Kaitlin’s love for them,” said a colleague. She instills a sense of belonging for all, embraces diversity, and keeps equity at the center of decision-making at Fairfax Villa. Kaitlin believes in the power of authentic inclusion, advocacy, and partnership with families. Another teacher describes Kaitlin as having a “rare drive and determination to form lasting, positive relationships.” Kaitlin contributes valuable expertise while instilling in others a desire to improve student results. Her caring relationships and humble demeanor have endeared her to students, parents, and staff alike.

2022 Outstanding Elementary Teacher School Recipients

  • Aldrin Elementary School
    • Erin Hansen, Kindergarten Teacher
    • Annandale Terrace Elementary School
      • Essel Linton, Music Teacher*
    • Bailey's Upper Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
      • Courtney Stoner, Multiple Disabilities Teacher 
    • Baileys Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences
      • Helen M. Rose, Preschool Teacher*
    • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
      • Jess Warr, Music Teacher
    • Braddock Elementary School
      • Tiffany Sivells, Third Grade Teacher
    • Bren Mar Park Elementary School
      • Candace Jones, Second Grade Teacher
    • Brookfield Elementary School
      • Heather Tickle, First Grade Teacher
    • Bucknell Elementary School
        • Erica Beckett, Math Resource Teacher
        • Jennifer Ganjei, Fourth Grade Teacher
      • Bull Run Elementary School
        • Colleen Cimino, Learning Disabilities Teacher
      • Bush Hill Elementary School
          • Nathan Drake, Art Teacher
        • Camelot Elementary School
          • Nancy Hutzell, Preschool Teacher*
        • Cameron Elementary School
          • Jillian Tiwana, Fourth Grade Teacher
        • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
          • Dee Castillo, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher
        • Cardinal Forest Elementary School
          • Timothy Pulte, Fourth Grade Teacher
        • Centreville Elementary School
            • Natalie Mansfield, Sixth Grade Teacher
          • Cherry Run Elementary School
              • Jill Ann Hunt, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
            • Chesterbrook Elementary School
              • Natalie Mabile, Sixth Grade Teacher*
            • Churchill Road Elementary School
              • Patina Betchar, Third Grade Teacher*
            • Clearview Elementary School
              • Jenny Siguenza, Multiple Disabilities Teacher 
            • Clermont Elementary School
              • Lydia Bakke, Third Grade Teacher
            • Coates Elementary School
              • Kathy Shepard, Second Grade Teacher
            • Colin Powell Elementary School
              • Jennifer Burke, Music Teacher*
            • Columbia Elementary School
              • Alison Bieber, First Grade Teacher
            • Crestwood Elementary School
                • Carol Morris, First Grade Teacher
              • Crossfield Elementary School
                • Deanne Bullock, Physical Education Teacher
              • Cub Run Elementary School
                • Jenna Jensen, First Grade Teacher
              • Cunningham Park Elementary School
                • Heather Norton, ESOL Teacher
              • Daniels Run Elementary School
                • Monica Negron, Fifth Grade Teacher
              • Deer Park Elementary School
                  • Matthew Wallace, Music Teacher*
                • Dogwood Elementary School
                  • Melissa Escobar, Second Grade Teacher
                • Dranesville Elementary School
                  • Carrie Hester, Learning Disabilities Teacher*
                • Eagle View Elementary School
                  • Stacey Bundens, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
                    • Kaitlin Wilson-Vogel, Learning Disabilities Teacher*
                  • Fairhill Elementary School
                    • Daniela Pastor, Learning Disabilities Teacher
                  • Fairview Elementary School
                    • Suzanne Carter, Third Grade Teacher
                  • Flint Hill Elementary School
                      • Kimberly McCool, Learning Disabilities Teacher
                    • Floris Elementary School
                      • Tiffany Dowling, Librarian
                    • Forestdale Elementary School
                      • Sarah Looney, ESOL Teacher
                    • Forestville Elementary School
                      • Karalee Thomas, Kindergarten Teacher
                    • Fort Belvoir Primary School
                      • Jacqui Koyama, First Grade Teacher
                    • Fort Belvoir Upper School
                      • Jennifer Orr, Third Grade Teacher
                    • Fort Hunt Elementary School
                      • Ashley Paz, First Grade Teacher
                    • Franconia Elementary School
                      • Jennifer Lucius, Music Teacher
                    • Franklin Sherman Elementary School
                        • Sandra Bedard, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                      • Freedom Hill Elementary School
                        • Marissa Stewart, Third Grade Teacher
                      • Garfield Elementary School
                          • Michele Neville, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                          • Greenbriar East Elementary School
                            • Morgan Graves, First Grade Teacher
                          • Greenbriar West Elementary School
                            • Steven Smith, Gifted Education Center Teacher
                          • Groveton Elementary School
                            • Reneca Claybrooks, Kindergarten Teacher
                          • Gunston Elementary School
                            • Kelly Daugherty, Third Grade Teacher*
                          • Halley Elementary School
                            • Christie Hall, Librarian
                          • Haycock Elementary School
                            • Wendy Rath, Kindergarten Teacher
                          • Hayfield Elementary School
                            • Jessica Jeffries, First Grade Teacher
                          • Herndon Elementary School
                              • Samantha Flaherty, Fourth Grade Teacher
                            • Hollin Meadows Elementary School
                                • Teresa Johnson, Fifth Grade Teacher*
                              • Hunt Valley Elementary School
                                  • Patrice Sheikh, First Grade Teacher
                                • Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
                                  • Sara Owens, Gifted Education Center Teacher
                                • Hutchison Elementary School
                                  • Diana Norseen, First Grade Teacher
                                • Island Creek Elementary School
                                    • Lindsay Caballo, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                  • Keene Mill Elementary School
                                      • Lauren Ryan, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
                                    • Kent Gardens Elementary School
                                      • Amy Monell, First Grade Teacher
                                    • Kings Glen Elementary School
                                        • Jennifer Fitzgerald, Art Teacher
                                      • Kings Park Elementary School
                                        • Lindsay Leahy, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                      • Lake Anne Elementary School
                                        • Kristopher Johnson, Art Teacher
                                      • Laurel Hill Elementary School
                                          • Cheryl Sanavaitis, Kindergarten Teacher*
                                        • Laurel Ridge Elementary School
                                          • Alexander Britt, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
                                        • Lees Corner Elementary School
                                          • Christina Penton, Second Grade Teacher
                                        • Lemon Road Elementary School
                                          • Taryn Roman, Kindergarten Teacher*
                                        • Little Run Elementary School
                                            • Susan Sugrue, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                          • London Towne Elementary School
                                            • J Taylor, First Grade Teacher
                                          • Lorton Station Elementary School
                                              • Jamie Muller, Music Teacher
                                            • Louise Archer Elementary School
                                              • Rebekah Skousen, Gifted Education Center Teacher
                                            • Lynbrook Elementary School
                                                • Stacie Saucedo, ESOL teacher
                                              • Mantua Elementary School
                                                  • Linsay Mueller, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                  • Marshall Road Elementary School
                                                    • Alicia McGuire, First Grade Teacher
                                                    • McNair Elementary School
                                                      • Catherine Mobley, Kindergarten Teacher
                                                      • Mosaic Elementary School
                                                        • Courtney Stevens, Reading Teacher
                                                        • Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School
                                                          • Maria Gangitano, Art Teacher
                                                        • Navy Elementary School
                                                          • Matthew Dyer, Gifted Education Center Teacher
                                                        • Newington Forest Elementary School
                                                          • Kira Saiban, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                        • North Springfield Elementary School
                                                          • Beth Buckreis, FECEP/Headstart Teacher
                                                        • Oak Hill Elementary School
                                                          • Katie Blandon, Learning Disabilities Teacher 
                                                        • Oak View Elementary School
                                                          • Elizabeth Sweet, Music Teacher
                                                        • Oakton Elementary School
                                                          • Heather Zweibel, Fourth Grade Teacher*
                                                          • Olde Creek Elementary School
                                                            • Erin O'Connor, Kindergarten Teacher
                                                          • Orange Hunt Elementary School
                                                            • Cathy Bailey, Librarian 
                                                          • Parklawn Elementary School
                                                            • Dominique Burger, Kindergarten Teacher
                                                            • Poplar Tree Elementary School
                                                              • Danielle Spiroch, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
                                                            • Providence Elementary School
                                                              • Emma Zuidema, Third Grade Teacher*
                                                            • Ravensworth Elementary School
                                                              • Lea Ruiz Ramon, Second Grade Teacher
                                                            • Riverside Elementary School
                                                              • Michelle Giaccone, Kindergarten Teacher*
                                                            • Rolling Valley Elementary School
                                                              • Samantha Reynolds, Librarian
                                                            • Rose Hill Elementary School
                                                              • Rebecca Dibari, Learning Disabilities Teacher*
                                                              • Sangster Elementary School
                                                                • Meghan Buckles, First Grade Teacher
                                                              • Saratoga Elementary School
                                                                • Rod Tompkins, Music Teacher*
                                                              • Shrevewood Elementary School
                                                                • Caitlin Tucker, Fourth Grade Teacher
                                                              • Silverbrook Elementary School
                                                                • Lauren McGovern, Fourth Grade Teacher
                                                              • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
                                                                • Chelsea Neal, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                              • Springfield Estates Elementary School
                                                                • Emma Sunseri, Sixth Grade Teacher
                                                                • Stratford Landing Elementary School
                                                                  • David Magee, Physical Education Teacher
                                                                • Sunrise Valley Elementary School
                                                                  • Alexandra Walker, Second Grade Teacher*
                                                                • Terra Centre Elementary School
                                                                  • Sandra Lias, First Grade Teacher
                                                                • Terraset Elementary School
                                                                  • Leslie Grumbach, Sixth Grade Teacher
                                                                • Timber Lane Elementary School
                                                                  • Megan Ney, Fourth Grade Classroom Teacher
                                                                  • Union Mill Elementary School
                                                                    • Erica Spero, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                                  • Vienna Elementary School
                                                                    • Pamela Forman, First Grade Teacher
                                                                  • Virginia Run Elementary School
                                                                    • Susie Doak, Fourth Grade Teacher
                                                                  • Wakefield Forest Elementary School
                                                                    • Amy Rapuano, Librarian
                                                                  • Waples Mill Elementary School
                                                                    • Christy Aronheim, First Grade Teacher
                                                                  • Waynewood Elementary School
                                                                    • Cristy Nowak, Sixth Grade Teacher
                                                                    • West Springfield Elementary School
                                                                      • Julia Feil, Preschool Teacher
                                                                      • Westbriar Elementary School
                                                                        • Cheryl Tsang, Kindergarten Teacher
                                                                        • Westgate Elementary School
                                                                          • Heather Hall, Fifth Grade Teacher 
                                                                        • Westlawn Elementary School
                                                                          • Julia Spadoni, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                                        • Weyanoke Elementary School
                                                                          • Leona Hyatt, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
                                                                        • White Oaks Elementary School
                                                                          • Randie Orr, Physical Education Teacher
                                                                          • Willow Springs Elementary School
                                                                            • Haemin Shin, Kindergarten Teacher
                                                                          • Wolftrap Elementary School
                                                                            • Stephanie Burdett, Second Grade Teacher*
                                                                          • Woodburn Elementary School
                                                                            • Jonathan Kettler, Art Teacher
                                                                          • Woodley Hills Elementary School
                                                                            • Annette Garrett, Intellectual Disabilities Teacher

                                                                            *Denotes pyramid winner

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