Assistant Ombuds for Special Education

A resource that provides information and support regarding special education services

Kathy Murphy, the Assistant Ombuds for Special Education, serves as a resource providing information and support to caregivers and students regarding special education and Section 504 services. It is the hope that through providing transparency and understanding to families, children with special needs will receive all the services and supports required to equitably access public education.

Supporting Families

The Assistant Ombuds can support families in the following ways: 

  • Provide information and support to parents and students with disabilities to help them understand and navigate special education processes
  • Assist by sharing information regarding state and federal laws and regulations governing special education and Section 504
  • Work neutrally and objectively with families and school staff to help ensure a fair process is followed
  • Provide information related to parental role, as a member of the knowledgeable committee
  • Serve as a resource for disability-related information and referrals to other available programs and services for individuals with disabilities, including early intervention and transition to post-secondary services

Ways to Contact Us

Call: 571-423-4014

Text: 571-496-8284

Email: [email protected]