Second Grade Family Life Education (FLE)

Year at a Glance

Grade Two Instructional Objectives—Emotional and Social Health Education

2.1 Students will identify physical affection as an expression of friendship, celebration, and a loving family.

Descriptive Statement: Discussion will include the concept that appropriate expressions of affection are healthy for the individual and the family. The student will recognize inappropriate expressions and demonstrate skills to respond to inappropriate expressions.

2.2 Students will identify inappropriate approaches from family members, neighbors, strangers and others. Students will identify trusted adults to go to for help and how to say “no.”

Descriptive Statement: Discussion will include a review of good and bad touching and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate expressions of affection and behavior. Students will learn that it is okay to say no to inappropriate approaches. Trusted adults will include parent or guardian, teacher, guidance counselor, grandparent, clergy or religious leader, other adult family member.

Grade Two Media—Emotional and Social Health Education

It’s Your Body: You’re in Charge! Sunburst Visual Media, 2006, 13 minutes

This media introduces the youngest students to the difference between good and bad touches and helps them understand that parts of their bodies are private. The program then goes on to make it very clear that they can say no to any touch that hurts them or makes them uncomfortable, and have permission to tell a trusted grown-up if anyone touches their private parts.