First Grade Family Life Education (FLE)

Year at a Glance

Grade One Instructional Objectives – Emotional and Social Health

1.1    Students will describe a community as people living and working together and will understand that family members make up a type of community.

Descriptive Statement: Discussion will include the following family structures:  two-parent/guardian families (mother and father, two mothers, two fathers, and children), extended families – relatives other than the immediate family living in the home, single-parent/guardian families, adoptive families, foster families, families with stepparents, and blended families.  A definition of community will be given along with examples of types of communities, including the family.

1.2    Students will identify responsibilities of different family members.  

Descriptive Statement: Discussion may include adult responsibilities such as providing food, shelter, and clothing; and child responsibilities such as picking up toys and doing homework.

1.3    Students will identify physical affection as an expression of friendship, celebration, and a loving family.

Descriptive Statement: Positive physical expressions of affection from friends and family will be presented. Instruction will include the difference between appropriate and inappropriate expressions of affection. To support this instruction, good and bad touches will be reviewed.

1.4    Students will identify strategies to respond to inappropriate behavior from family members, neighbors, strangers, and others.

Descriptive Statement: Discussion will include methods of avoiding and dealing with inappropriate behaviors. Students will identify trusted adults who can help them if someone makes them feel uncomfortable. Students will learn how to respond to inappropriate use of communication devices.

Grade One Media—Emotional and Social Health Education

All About Families, Learn 360 (1999), 11:15 minutes

This lively, upbeat presentation helps primary level students understand what a family is and shows the family as an important part of every person’s life.

Song:  Shout No! Then Go and Tell, Learn 360

If you feel that someone is giving you a bad touch, shout “no!”, and tell someone.

Grade One Print Materials—Emotional and Social Health Education

Cain, Janan (2000).  The way I feel. Seattle, Washington: Parenting Press.

Meiners, Cheri (2004).  Respect and take care of things.  Minneapolis, Minnesota:  Free Spirit.