College Partnership Program (CPP)

College Partnership Program (CPP) helps high school students prepare for college. Students attend monthly meetings and information sessions. It is one of several college success programs offered by FCPS.

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About the College Partnership Program

The goal of the College Partnership Program (CPP) is to systematically mitigate the impact of barriers to access and opportunity, and support students who are from populations that are historically underrepresented on college campuses.

The mission of CPP is to provide students with equitable access to postsecondary opportunities and activities necessary for college and career readiness. CPP aims to

  • Develop positive engagement and build students’ college aspirations.
  • Support rigorous academic preparation.
  • Complete college-going tasks.
  • Encourage early college planning.
  • Provide students with enriching opportunities and activities.
  • Provide mentoring and tutoring opportunities.
  • Assist students with academic advising.
  • Offer college visits.
  • Ensure family engagement and preparation beyond high school.

Each year, there is an application process for the College Partnership Program. For more information about the program interested students, parents, and guardians can contact their school counselors, school based CPP advocates, or middle school contacts.

Services Provided

  • Academic counseling.
  • College visits.
  • Help with completing college and scholarship applications.
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Parent education sessions.
  • A summer overnight experience on a college campus.
  • News and information related to colleges and careers via Schoology.

Most high schools in Fairfax County have a College Partnership Program. Contact your counselor for more information.


Students of all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply.

CPP was created to help students who face additional barriers to achieving their higher education goals, which includes:

  • Students who are the first in their family to attend college in the U.S.
  • English language learners.
  • Students who are economically disadvantaged.
  • Students with disabilities.



  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher in core classes.
  • Attend CPP activities.
  • Are willing to pursue advanced coursework.
  • Demonstrate leadership in school or community activities.


  • Attend parent meetings
  • Be aware of student CPP activities
  • Check their student's attendance and grades

Information for Middle School Students Only

The College and Career Exploration (CCE) club operates as an after-school program and is open to all students. Eighth grade students interested in the high school program will apply through their club sponsor or counselor.