Desegregation: The Teachers

What happened to the African-American teachers after desegregation?”

Staff researching the history of Fairfax County Public Schools have frequently been asked the question, “What happened to the teachers of the former all-African-American schools after desegregation?” To answer this question, research was conducted in FCPS Human Resources salary records. From 1948 to 1988, employee information was recorded on handwritten cards. The cards list the employees’ full name, work locations, work location start dates, and date of separation from FCPS. The cards are organized alphabetically by last name of employee, not work location, so research is being done using newspaper articles, oral histories, yearbooks, School Board minutes, FCPS bulletins, etc., to identify the names of the teachers of the former all-African-American schools. The names of teachers identified to date, and the schools to which they were assigned, can be found below. This research project is still on-going.

The teachers who were here before 1965, each was moved into a school within the county. No one, and I repeat, no one was denied a job. No one received a lesser job than one was doing here. And I will also state that those who were doing a good job as teachers here did and are still doing a good job at the schools to which they have gone. I have talked with most of the principals in these schools and they are saying that each of these persons has been a real asset to that faculty.
~ Principal B. Oswald Robinson, Louise Archer Elementary

Drew-Smith Elementary School

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Mary Mann Brown Retired, June 1965  
Mary Beckwith Faucette Mount Vernon Woods Elementary 1965-66
Geneva Walker Jones Wilton Woods Elementary 1965-66
Augustus L. Lacey Westbriar Elementary 1965-66
Mary Laura McPhail Mount Vernon Woods Elementary 1965-66
Bernice G. Tate Bucknell Elementary 1964-65

Eleven Oaks Elementary School

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Elnora Mills Branch Chapel Square Elementary 1965-66
Rebecca Marie Britt Groveton Elementary 1966-67
Annie Mae Costner Shrevewood Elementary 1966-67
Ellis D. Dillard Groveton High School 1966-67
Elizabeth Helen Mills Virginia Hills Elementary 1966-67
Alta M. Lee Newman Green Acres Elementary 1966-67
Addie Belle Greene Pleasants Quander Road Elementary 1966-67
Marjorie H. Price Stratford Landing Elementary 1966-67
Mary Goins Roots Fairhill Elementary Spring 1966
Lola V. Saunders Retired, June 1966  
Doris J. Smith Franklin Sherman Elementary 1964-65

James Lee Elementary School

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Bettie Ingram Cooley Willston Elementary 1966-67
Deloise McCown Corbin Green Acres Elementary 1965-66
Deloris Hawkins Evans Westlawn Elementary 1965-66
Ruby Greene Gordon Lorton Elementary 1966-67
Nellie Stewart Grayson Franklin Sherman Elementary 1966-67
Ida Lorine Harris Annandale Terrace Elementary 1966-67
William Lawrence Jones Principal, Annandale Terrace Elementary 1966-67
Arthenia Laverne Trail Masonville Elementary 1966-67
Alice A. Williams Fairhill Elementary 1965-66

Lillian Carey Elementary School

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Dolores Hall Dorsey Spring Hill Elementary 1965-66
Remell T. Lomax Retired, June 1965  
Clara Mann Mitchell Retired, June 1965  
Mary B. Shipman Marshall Road Elementary 1965-66
Marjorie L. Weeks Took a leave of absence, then went to Hybla Valley Elementary. 1966-67

Louise Archer Elementary School

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Ruth Sommersette Branch Vienna Elementary 1965-66
Mary Alexander Cox Bailey’s Elementary 1965-66
Channie Catlett Henderson Oakton Elementary 1964-65
Ora Robinson Lawson Haycock Elementary 1965-66
Anna Elaine Lightfoot Stenwood Elementary 1965-66
Mabel Thomas Mack Keene Mill Elementary 1965-66
Ida Wright Murchison Fairfax Villa Elementary 1965-66
Addie Greene Pleasants Eleven Oaks Elementary (Segregated) 1965-66
Bladen Oswald Robinson (Principal) Remained at Louise Archer Elementary 1965-66
Ruth Singletary Robinson Rose Hill Elementary 1965-66

Luther Jackson High School

Salary card research is on-going. "Card Not Found" errors typically occur when an employee's surname changed, as was often the case after marriage.

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Lillian Miles Bellamy (English, French) Luther Jackson Intermediate School 1965-66
Loretta H. Berry (Secretary) Maternity Leave, then Foster Intermediate 1966-67
Thomas J. Bowser (Special Education) Frost Intermediate School 1965-66
Annie M. Boykins (Art) Bryant Intermediate School 1965-66
Julia Brockman (English) Left FCPS in October 1963  
Helen Marcel Cauthorne (Reading Teacher) Itinerant Reading Teacher 1965-66
Adolphus M. Coward, Jr. (Repair & Maintenance) Edison High School 1965-66
Annette D. Coward (Choral & General Music) J. G. Whittier Intermediate School 1965-66
Clarice B. Crudup (Business Education) Thomas Jefferson High School 1965-66
Carolyn Dewitt (Language Arts) Passed away in June 1963  
Annette Dillard (Choral & General Music) Card Not Found  
Gwendolyn M. Fauntleroy (Visiting Teacher) Groveton High School 1965-66
George W. Felton (History & Government) W. T. Woodson High School 1965-66
James Gaskins (Assistant Principal) Luther Jackson Intermediate School 1965-66
Robert U. Griffin (Band) Franconia Elementary School 1965-66
Rosalie J. Griffin (Language Arts) Glasgow Intermediate School 1965-66
Dorothy Hamilton Hall (Homemaking) Irving Intermediate School 1965-66
Raquel W. Hall (Secretary) Card Not Found  
Claudia Carter Hammond (Guidance) Foster Intermediate School 1965-66
Dean Collins Harris (Science) Irving Intermediate School 1964-65
Sadie H. Harris (Cosmetology) Marshall High School 1965-66
Harriette G. Hemby (English, Drama) Falls Church High School 1965-66
Mayme W. Holt (English, Spanish) J.E.B. Stuart High School 1964-65
Wilma Hudson (Library Clerk) Card Not Found  
Richard O. Jackson (Industrial Arts) Langley High School 1965-66
Carrie James (Health & P.E.) Card Not Found  
Helen E. Johnson (Helping Teacher – Reading) Left FCPS in June 1963  
Harold L. Lawson (World History & Geography) Marshall High School 1965-66
Lola H. LeCounte (Language Arts) Cooper Intermediate School 1965-66
Virginia L. Major (Science) Poe Intermediate School 1965-66
Margaret B. McCoy (Secretary) Left FCPS in June 1965  
Jean D. Minor (Finance Secretary) Luther Jackson Intermediate School 1965-66
Emma O. Moore (English & History) Left FCPS in March 1964  
Mabel Jolly Mosley (Librarian) Luther Jackson Intermediate School 1965-66
Thelma Pointer Peoples (English) Poe Intermediate School 1965-66
James R. Powell (Mathematics) Lee High School 1965-66
Charles L. Price (Health & P.E.) Langley High School 1965-66
Cecil M. Robinson (English & History) Whitman Intermediate School 1965-66
Margery D. Robinson (Visiting Teacher) Irving Intermediate School 1965-66
Kathryn B. Rowe (Mathematics) W. T. Woodson High School 1964-65
Edward K. Shipman (Industrial Training) Left FCPS in September 1965  
Rosalin C. Short (Business Education) Left FCPS in March 1963  
Eugene Skinner (Science) Card Not Found  
Robert A. Tate (Assistant Principal) Edison House - Resource Teacher 1965-66
Lloyd A. Thompson (Barbering & Trowel Trades) Marshall High School 1965-66
Tempie T. Vest (Counselor) Langley High School 1965-66
Major J. Wells (Mathematics) Falls Church High School 1965-66
Shirley M. Wells (Reading Teacher) Itinerant Remedial Reading Teacher 1965-66
Frances E. Williams (Health & P.E.) Left FCPS in June 1965  
Joyce H. Williams (Mathematics) Left FCPS in June 1964  
Taylor M. Williams (Principal) Luther Jackson Intermediate School 1965-66
Donald L. Witten (Director, Health & P.E.) Fairfax High School 1965-66

Oak Grove Elementary School

Only one teacher has been identified at this time.

Teacher Assigned To: Year
Dorothy Lee Jackson Oakton Elementary 1964-65