School History: Lillian Carey Elementary School

Remembering Our Past

Lillian Carey Elementary School opened on September 4, 1956, and was closed in June 1965. The majority of Lillian Carey students were integrated into Bailey’s, Glen Forest, Lincolnia, and Parklawn elementary schools. The building was converted into a special education center, and is currently in use as the Bailey’s Community Center.

Black and white aerial photograph of Lillian Carey Elementary School.
Lillian Carey Elementary School, 1960.


Map showing the location of Lillian Carey Elementary School.
Current Address: 5920 Summers Lane, Falls Church, Virginia 22041

Land Records

  • Fairfax County Deed Book 1247, Page 247: Nov. 22, 1954, 1.472 acres from Florence Green.
  • Fairfax County Deed Book 1247, Page 249: Nov. 22, 1954, 1.528 acres from Minnie Peyton.
  • Fairfax County Deed Book 1252, Page 239: Dec. 14, 1954, 4 acres from Russell J. Moore.
  • Fairfax County Deed Book 5861, Page 759: Sept. 29, 1983, Quitclaim deed to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Construction Records

  • Designed by architects Pickett & Siess
  • Built by Eugene Simpson & Brother Construction of Alexandria, Virginia
  • School Board Meeting Contract Award: April 14, 1955
  • Contract Amount: $168,515


The following persons once taught at Lillian Carey Elementary School.

  • Dolores Hall Dorsey
  • Ruby Greene Gordon
  • Remell T. Lomax
  • Mary Laura McPhail (Librarian)
  • Clara M. Mitchell (Principal)
  • Margaret Murrell
  • Barbara A. Ridley (Librarian)
  • Ruth S. Robinson
  • Marion Thompkins Ross
  • Mary Ballard Shipman
  • Winnie Walker Spencer
  • Marjorie Williams Weeks