How New Fairfax County Magisterial Districts Affect Schools

By Communication and Community Relations
December 13, 2021


On December 7, 2021, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted its redistricting plan that maintains nine election districts, but shifts seven precincts to new districts, in whole or in part. Redistricting does not change school boundaries, but may change the School Board Member representing a school. Schools that are affected by redistricting include: 

Please note, while these new districts are effective immediately, they are subject to certification by the Virginia Attorney General under state law. This process could take up to 60 days.


School Name

2011 Magisterial District Boundaries

2021 Magisterial District Boundaries

Centreville HS

Springfield1, Sully

Springfield1,2, Sully2

Falls Church HS

Hunter Mill, Mason1, Providence

Hunter Mill, Mason1,2, Providence2

Justice HS

Mason1, Providence


Lewis HS

Braddock, Lee1, Mount Vernon, Springfield

Braddock, Lee1, Mount Vernon2, Springfield2

Oakton HS

Braddock, Hunter Mill, Providence1, Springfield, Sully

Braddock, Hunter Mill, Providence1,2, Springfield2, Sully

West Springfield HS

Braddock, Lee, Mount Vernon, Springfield1

Braddock2, Lee2, Mount Vernon, Springfield1,2

Franklin MS

Braddock, Hunter Mill, Providence, Springfield, Sully1

Braddock, Hunter Mill, Providence2, Springfield2, Sully1

Glasgow MS

Mason1, Providence


Irving MS

Braddock, Lee, Mount Vernon, Springfield1

Braddock1,2, Lee2, Mount Vernon, Springfield2

Jackson MS

Hunter Mill, Mason, Providence1

Hunter Mill, Mason2, Providence1,2

Key MS

Braddock, Lee1, Mount Vernon, Springfield

Braddock, Lee1, Mount Vernon2, Springfield2

Liberty MS

Springfield1, Sully

Springfield1,2, Sully2

Beech Tree ES

Mason1, Providence

Mason1,2, Providence2

Cardinal Forest ES

Braddock1, Lee, Springfield

Braddock1,2, Lee, Springfield2

Centreville ES

Springfield, Sully1

Springfield2, Sully1,2

Keene Mill ES

Braddock, Lee, Springfield1

Braddock1,2, Lee

Pine Spring ES

Mason, Providence1

Mason2, Providence1,2

Rolling Valley ES

Lee, Mount Vernon, Springfield1

Lee2, Mount Vernon2, Springfield1,2

Saratoga ES

Lee, Mount Vernon1, Springfield

Lee, Mount Vernon2, Springfield1,2

Timber Lane ES


Providence1,2, Mason2

Union Mill ES

Springfield1, Sully

Springfield1,2, Sully2

Waples Mill ES

Braddock, Providence1, Springfield, Sully

Braddock, Providence2, Springfield1,2, Sully

Westlawn ES

Mason1, Providence


Woodburn ES

Mason, Providence1


1 Magisterial district the school is located in.

2 Portions of the magisterial district were reassigned to or from the school boundary.


Note: Based on SY 2021-22 school boundaries. 

Detailed information about the process, how it impacts the Board of Supervisors and the School Board can be found on the Fairfax County website.