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FY 2016

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Topic 1: Policy on changing school names

Advocacy: to add to the December School Board agendas consideration of adding a sentence to the policy to enable school names to be changed for reasons other than a change in purpose or function of the facility. The proposed change would allow the School Board to consider a change for some other compelling need.





Topic 2: Explain the difference between Home Schooling and Religious Exemption

Nov. 16, 2015

Topic 1: Concensus: majority consensus to add the draft policy 8170.4, as revised, with the following sentence at the end: The School Board may also consider a change in the name of a school or facility where some other compelling need exists to the agenda for the December 3 regular meeting, with action scheduled for December 17, 2015.


Topic 2: Concensus:Division Counsel would brief the Board in January.

Proposal to have a joint meeting of the Planning Commission's School Committee and School Board Members to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Advocacy: How could the School Board best work with the BOS regarding resource stewardship, including proffers, the student yield formula, school capacity, and SACC? Should School Board Members meet with the Planning Commission Schools Committee and/or request a joint meeting with the Planning Commission, BOS, or with the School Board Chair, Vice Chair and PC Liaison? What would be the Chair's response to the letter from the BOS regarding FCPS' request to reinstitute the Infrastructure Financing Committee?

October 8, 2015

Concensus: A response to the BOS would be prepared and would request that two School Board members meet with the Planning Commission Schools Committee in the January-February 2016 time frame. FCPS would set the agenda to include land use, equity impact, bonds, and a process that would involve FCPS much earlier in major land use decisions because of impact of housing development on surrounding schools. From that meeting, a recommendation would be developed to present to BOS. In addition, the School Board would send a request to reconvene the IFC.

School Board Collective and Individual Goal Setting

Advocacy: Adopt a process by which School Board members individually and collectively set annual goals and report annual progress; refer to the Governance Committee for appropriate Strategic Governance Manual updates. (Ted Velkoff)

May 7, 2015

No consensus for support. Mr. Velkoff to discuss with the Governance Committee chairman possible enhancements to the Board’s current annual self-evaluation.


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