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Forum Topics and Outcomes

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FY 2014

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Key CIP policy issues

Advocacy: Request for Board consensus on the key CIP policy issues that should be discussed at the April 2014 work session. (Pat Hynes/Patty Reed)

Mar 6, 2014

Board consensus that the Superintendent and staff, in consultation with FPAC, would select two of the following four topics to be presented and discussed at the April WS: (1) prioritization of renovation, renovation with capacity, and new schools, (2) boundary changes, summarized, (3) queue for renovation and the current criteria, and (4) analysis of current capacity and projected overcrowding.  After the April discussion, there would be a decision about any future WS discussions.

Restructure decision-making process for weather delays and cancellations of school

Advocacy: Schedule a work session to discuss potential scenarios regarding the decision-making process for weather delays, cancellations, and emergency closing of schools by district, cluster, pyramid, including the possibility of structuring other release, delay, or cancellation options, and options for enhanced communications; also evaluate how operational processes could change in the future.  (Elizabeth Schultz)

Mar 6, 2014

Board consensus that the Superintendent would provide the Board information in a Superintendent’s Update about the decision-making process of weather delays or closures and other possible options that could be considered.

Audit Manager and Risk Assessment Vendor Selection

Advocacy: Consider the Audit Committee recommendation on (1) hiring process for audit manager and (2) selection process for comprehensive risk assessment vendor (Dan Storck)

Feb 6, 2014

Board consensus to accept committee’s recommendations:  (1) Audit Committee and the School Board Auditor would conduct interviews, select and recommend a finalist to the Board; final selection would be approved and announced by the Board; (2) School Board auditor and staff members from Instructional Services, Financial Services, Special Services, and Facilities Services would serve on the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC), and Board members would not serve on the SAC.

Meals Tax

Advocacy: Consider a Board resolution requesting that the BOS initiate a referendum on implementing a meals tax, the revenue from which could be used to support the school system (Ryan McElveen)

Jan 9, 2014

Board consensus that the Board defer further consideration until after the Infrastructure Financing Committee (a joint Board of Supervisors-School Board committee) completes it work.

Student discipline

Advocacy: Policy discussion on expulsion vs. long–term suspension (Pat Hynes and Megan McLaughlin)

Nov 18, 2013

Board consensus for the chairman to schedule a work session for a policy discussion. [Topic would be included in SR&R discussion in April 2014.]

Support continuation of the AccessUVA No-Loan Policy

Advocacy: Approve a letter from the School Board to UVA Board of Visitors in support of restoring the AccessUVA No-Loan Policy.  At the Board's request, the draft letter from 10/24 had been revised for further discussion. (Ryan McElveen)

Nov 7, 2013

Board consensus that any individual Board member may join Mr. McElveen in signing the letter to be sent to the UVA Board of Visitors, and agreement that the letter would not be sent on behalf of the full Board.  Any further suggested revisions should be submitted to Mr. McElveen. [Letter sent to the UVA Board of Visitors on Nov. 2, and was signed by seven Board members.]

Support continuation of the AccessUVA No-Loan Policy

Advocacy: Approve a letter from the School Board to UVA Board of Visitors in support of restoring the AccessUVA No-Loan Policy.  (Ryan McElveen)

Oct 24, 2013

Board consensus that the draft letter be revised based on the Board discussion; Mr. McElveen to provide additional information for continued discussion at the next forum.

Board legislative priorities

Advocacy: Confirm the Board’s legislative priorities for 2014 (Ryan McElveen)

Oct 24, 2013

Board consensus to approve the five legislative priorities for 2014 in the following order:  reinvest, invest, rollback, reform, and prevent.  (Note:  the Board also approved additional language for the “reinvest” priority when they approved the 2014 legislative program.)

Internationalization working group

Advocacy:  Request staff establish a working group to develop recommendations to improve world language delivery and engage with business partners or diplomatic community.  (Ryan McElveen)

Oct 10, 2013

Board consensus for staff to establish a working group by November 2013 and report back to the Board with recommendations by June or July 2014.

School Board accountability and transparency

Advocacy:  Develop a web page that would list a summary of School Board members’ individual votes on specific topics. 
(Ted Velkoff)

July 25, 2013

Board consensus for staff members from the School Board Office and Department of Information Technology to review what options are currently available within BoardDocs related to a voting summary and then report back to the Board. [Information provided by Chairman Moon on 10/24/13; decision to wait for the voting summary feature to be offered by BoardDocs]

New elementary report card

Advocacy: Schedule a work session to discuss efficacy, cost, impact assessment, and desire by teachers and parents to maintain the new report card as it relates to teacher workload, student performance, and parent feedback. (Elizabeth Schultz)

July 25, 2013

Board consensus that Superintendent Garza would prepare a report evaluating the current status of the report card issue; after Board review would decide whether a work session discussion was necessary. [Information provided in Superintendent Update 8/27/13]

Student disciplinary committees 

Advocacy:  Schedule a work session to consider SB Ad Hoc Committee on SR&R recommendations to create three committees (1-attendance task force; 2-advisory committee on discipline; 3-committee to study disproportionality of minorities and students with disabilities) (Sandy Evans)

July 25, 2013

Board consensus not to schedule a work session at this time; Superintendent Garza would work with staff throughout the school year to assess impact of changes to the SR&R and provide the Board with updates.

Work study or internship opportunities for seniors

Advocacy: Request staff to compile a list of current options that were available to students.  (Tamara Derenak Kaufax)

July 25, 2013

Board consensus that Superintendent Garza would prepare a report, including some current examples in FCPS.  [Information provided in Superintendent Update 9/6/13]


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