School Board Forum Topics and Outcomes

Forum Topics and Outcomes

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FY 2015

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Adoption of revised Facilities Planning Advisory Council (FPAC) Charter

Advocacy: Schedule Board approval of the FPAC revised Charter in September 2014.  The revised Charter would clearly delineate FPAC’s role and responsibilities, would include a focus on community engagement and analyzing capacity issues, and would provide an option for the Board to request additional work products. (Ryan McElveen)

July 24, 2014

Board consensus to refer to the Comprehensive Planning Development Committee (CPDC) a review of the proposed revised Charter, including those concerns raised at the forum by Board members, and then schedule a work session for a comprehensive discussion about FPAC and its mission, including any recommendations from CPDC.

Tobacco-Free Fields and Playgrounds

Advocacy: Obtain Board approval to partner with the Fairfax County Park Authority and Live Healthy Fairfax Transformation Grant, which would provide FCPS $15,000 to promote tobacco-free fields and playgrounds (in designated FCPS recreational areas) on a voluntary basis; grant funding ends September 30, 2014, so immediate action was needed. (Dan Storck and Sandy Evans)

July 24, 2014

Board consensus for Mr. Storck and Ms. Evans to proceed to work with staff to utilize the $15,000 grant funding to create and install tobacco-free signage on all FCPS fields and playgrounds.  Prior to installing signage on all FCPS fields and playgrounds, Mr. Storck and Ms. Evans would provide feedback to the Board (via email) about the results of a review of the SHAC recommendation and consultation with legal counsel and staff, taking into consideration Board member comments and concerns, including whether any changes would be made to Park Authority signage (such as eliminating “voluntary” or providing contact information on how to quit smoking).  Consensus that no FCPS funds would be spent beyond the $15,000 grant funding that had been discussed. 

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