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Our Frost MS Staff

Welcome To Frost!


Congratulations to our staff members who were nominated for FCPS awards this year.

Ms. Aldridge who was nominated and a finalist for Outstanding Teacher of the Year.
Ms. Cheng for being nominated for Outstanding Support Employee.
Ms. Reed for being nomincated for Outstanding Leader.

After School Parent Survey

Parents, as part of the after-school program evaluation process,  we would appreciate your input by clicking on the link below and completing the parent survey for the Frost After School Program.  Classroom teachers and after school staff are completing similar surveys.  Students had the opportunity to complete a student survey on Friday, June 10th during their PE classes.  These surveys are a vital element of the after-school programs accountability process and the success of the program.  We appreciate your opinions & all of your support.  This survey will remain open until June 28, 2016.

Parent Survey



Are you part of the majority?



Transitioning to Grades 7-9 - 2016 Course Selection



















Use this form to tell us how an FCPS employee provided extraordinary service.


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