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Upcoming Dates:

2015-2016 Course Catalog (pdf)

For information about Advanced Academics and the Cooper Level IV program please click on Advanced Academics on the main menu to left on the website.

SOL Testing:

Cooper students will be taking the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests from May 18-29. To see a more detailed account of when students will be testing please click on the Calendar button on the menu bar or open the Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

During the SOL window It will be very helpful if you can avoid appointments which may take your child out of school. Also, it will help your child to perform at his or her best if he or she has had a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast and comes to school with a positive attitude.

The Virginia SOL tests are required of all students in grades 3-8 across the state by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). SOL tests measure the extent to which students have learned the content and skills specified in the Virginia SOLs. Content areas will be tested according to the schedule below.

7th Grade: Reading and Mathematics
8th Grade: Reading, Mathematics, Civics and Economics, and Science

The purpose of the testing is to provide information about student achievement. Scores from the tests will be used to determine whether students fail to meet standards, are proficient in meeting the standards, or are advanced in the standards

VDOE and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) have an electronic device policy which is to be followed during all SOL testing. To maintain test security, the possession of these devices (e.g., cell phones/mobile communication devices) in the testing room is prohibited. If a student is discovered with a prohibited electronic device while in a test environment, the student’s test will be stopped, the electronic device will be confiscated, and the student will be removed from the test environment. School administrators, consistent with the Acceptable Use Policy and Student Rights & Responsibilities, have authority to search the “item of personal belonging” (e.g., the cell phone or mobile device) if it is believed to contain evidence of a violation of school regulations (in this case, cheating). School administrators have the right to apply school-based consequences, which would result in the student’s test being coded as having cheated, based upon their investigation of the situation. Please talk to your student about the electronic device policy and the serious consequences of violating it.

The Virginia Board of Education is allowing elementary and middle school students who fail SOL tests by a narrow margin (scoring between a 375 and 399) to be retested before the end of the year provided parental permission is obtained. In grades 3-8, a student’s performance on the SOL does not impact the student’s grade in the class, nor their academic record. We will notify you by email if your child falls into this category to obtain your permission to retest.  The permission slip can be found below.

Expedited Retake Permission Slip

A student performance report with your child’s scores will be mailed to your home in August.

Summer Boot Camps:

Cooper Middle School is offering summer boot camps focused on math and literacy. Boot Camps are designed to extend students’ learning and are separate from the summer SELT program offered by the county. The dates for these boot camps are Monday through Thursday, July 13- July 23.  For more information about the boot camps please click on the links below.

Summer Boot Camp Information
Summer Boot Camp Registration
Emergency Care Card (fillable form)
Emergency Care Card (pdf)

Bronze Award:

Cooper Middle School was recognized by National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program for achievement in one of several pathways to sustainability outlined by NWF. To win the Bronze Award, Cooper’s student Eco-Team and faculty sponsor addressed the issue of waste management at the school. By analyzing the amount of waste and recycling, students on the Eco-Team assessed a need for greater awareness of waste management within the study body. Students worked to improve recycling awareness by working with the school’s Student Counsel Association.

The Eco-Schools USA program, which is based on the work of student-driven teams dedicated to issues like recycling and energy conservation using sample materials, background information and teacher advice provided by NWF, claims more than 870 American schools across 47 states so far.



Science Olympiad:

At the Regional Science Olympiad Competition, Cooper earned 17 medals in 8 events:  Air Trajectory, Elastic Launch Glider, Fossils, Green Generation, Picture This, Road Scholar, Solar System, and Write It, Do It.  At the State Competition, the team won 6 medals.  We are very proud of all of them!  Many thanks to Mrs. Metlis, Mrs. Hale, and Mr. Frengel for their leadership.  We also thank the many parents who supported the students as well!


Rising 7th Grade Cooper Prep:

Registration is now being accepted for Cooper Prep (formerly Summer CELL).  Cooper Prep is a program intended to smooth the transition from elementary to middle school for rising 7th graders.  The three day program will take place on August 26 - 28 from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Included in the $100 registration fee are three sessions, lunch, and a Cooper t-shirt. For more information and the registration process, click the link below.

Cooper Prep Registration Form
Emergency Care Card (fillable form)
Emergency Care Card (pdf)

On the Emergency Care Card please indicate your child as being in 7th grade and leave the fields for “Teacher or Counselor” and “Bus #” blank.

Rising 8th grade Cooper Prep:

Cooper PREP (formerly Summer CELL) is a program intended to help prepare rising 8th graders for increased rigor in the new school year. Students will learn strategies for goal setting, organization, and time management, as well as how to develop their study habits and take notes. The two day program will take place on August 24 - 25 from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Included in the $75 registration fee are two sessions, lunch, and a Cooper t-shirt.

Cooper Prep Registration Form
Emergency Care Card (fillable form)
Emergency Care Card (pdf)

On the Emergency Care Card please indicate your child as being in 8th grade and leave the fields for “Teacher or Counselor” and “Bus #” blank.

CMS Band Fundraiser - please join us!

Location:  Ledo Pizza - Falls Church (next to Trader Joe's)  
Date: Wed. May 6 
Time:  5pm - 10pm
Eat in and carry out! - 703-847-5336

CMS Band will receive 20% of all sales from the dining room and carry-out (not the pub side). No flyer needed- thanks!

Made with a flaky crust, and if you love buffalo chicken- be sure to check out the craft pizzas!   Ledo Pizza- 7510 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043

Our thanks to Ledo Pizza and Managing Partner Brian Boyce for their support!

Digital Resources:

FCPS offers many digital resources that students and parents can use throughout the school year and summer months. Some of the resources include:

Blackboard Mobile App:
New for the 2014-2015 school year FCPS middle and high school  students have an opportunity to utilize the Blackboard Mobile Learn App, which provides students access to FCPS 24-7 courses through their iOS or Android phone or tablet.

FCPS 24-7 Mobile is a valuable tool to keep students connected to their courses.

Using the mobile app students will be able to:

  • Check announcements
  • Check assignments
  • Take Blackboard tests (not tests in Horizon)
  • View documents
  • Create discussion posts and journal entries and comment on blogs
  • Upload content available on your device, such as pictures

To utilize the app, students will need to find the Blackboard Mobile Learn App in the Google Play or iTunes App store. Students will download the Blackboard app, and search for the school “Fairfax County Public Schools, VA”. There is no charge to use the app. Once the app is downloaded and installed then the student will log into the app using his/her FCPS 24-7 username and password.

Technology@Home Program:
Are you thinking of purchasing an new computer for your child or are you in need of upgrading your software?  Before you go out and buy anything, make sure to check out the FCPS website’s Technology@Home page to find information on how to get discounts on software, smartphones, and Dell and HP computer equipment.

Personal Devices at Cooper:
Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to assisting students and staff in creating a 21st century learning environment. In efforts to support this progress, students will be able to access our wireless network with their personal devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones, etc) during the school day. With classroom teacher approval, students may bring and use their own devices to access the internet and collaborate with other students. By allowing students to use their own technology on campus we are hoping to increase the access all students have to the technology they need to succeed.

Please see Mr. Cunningham or Mrs. Dorman in room 201 if you need help accessing the wireless network on your device.

FCPS has developed a team made up of staff from the Instructional Services Department and Department of Information Technology, as well as PTA and community members. The committee is currently implementing and exploring options for tackling the computer access issue in FCPS. For more information about obtaining WiFi or where you can access a computer in your area go to the Access4All website.

Other Resources:

KIT Information:
For more information please visit the KIT website by clicking the link or the the KIT icon to the right. Stay Informed: Parents do you want to stay informed? Here are the links to directions on registering for Keep in Touch, and Parent View.

Registering a New Student:

For information on registering a new student at Cooper please click on Student Services in the menu bar. To find many of the Cooper, FCPS, and PTO forms click on Online Opening Information .

Current Newsletter:

April 28 (pdf)

Click here to check out the Cooper PTO site: