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International Night

International Night is on Friday, April 24 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM!

This a a fun event where you can wear clothing that represents your culture, sample some international cuisine, browse artwork created by our talent student artists, watch special performances, and more! You still have time to join our fashion show. This is a family event, so all students must come with an adult. We hope to see you there!

International Night Flags

SOL Tests and Expedited Retakes Schedule

SOL Testing Schedule









May 20

5th Grade Reading

May 21

4th Grade Reading

May 22



May 25


Memorial Day ---No school

May 26

3rd Grade Reading Part 1

May 27

3rd Grade Reading Part 2

May 28

5th Grade Math, Part 1


4th Grade Social Studies

May 29

5th Grade Math Part 2

June 1

4th Grade

Math Part 1

June 2

4th Grade

Math Part 2


5th Grade Science

June 3

3rd Grade

Math Part 1

June 4

3rd Grade

Math Part 2

June 5


SOL Expedited Retake Schedule

Reading Test Retakes

3rd Grade Reading: June 8 (Part 1) and June 9 (Part 2)
4th Grade Reading: May 28
5th Grade Reading: May 27

Math Test Retakes

3rd Grade Math: June 10 (Part 1) and June 11 (Part 2)
4th Grade Math: June 8 (Part 1) and June 9 (Part 2)
5th Grade Math: June 4 (Part 1) and June 5 (Part 2)

Other SOL Test Retakes

4th Grade Virginia Studies: June 4
5th Grade Science: June 9


BMP Featured on Red Apple 21 and YouTube

The Bren Mar Park Choir performed the National Anthem at the School Board Meeting on March 20, 2014. Watch our Mustangs in action by clicking on this link.

Bren Mar Park Choir

Learn more about how our school is helping families in our community through our clothing exchange and food bank by clicking on the picture below: