Online Textbooks: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Online Textbooks?

    • Online textbooks can be accessed through FCPS 24/7 and eCart.
    • Online textbooks offer resources to differentiate and enrich student learning.
    • Online textbooks allow for personalized learning. They can include built-in features such as:
      • Read Aloud
      • Highlighting
      • Dictionaries and Glossaries
      • Videos
      • Flashcards

What is the benefit to online textbooks?

Online textbooks are interactive textbooks that can be accessed via a link in eCART.  They provide resources to differentiate and enrich student learning.  Online textbooks allow for personalized learning and can include built in features such as: read aloud, highlighting, note-taking, glossaries, videos, and flashcards.

FCPS students will have access to up to date content using these electronic resources.    

If we do not own a computer, how can my student do their homework?

Please see available programs and resources at:

Will hardcopy books still be available?

Yes, with the purchase of online textbooks schools received some print copies for classroom use.

Can the online textbooks be downloaded to an e-reader like a Kindle or Nook?

This varies by publisher. Check the system requirements for your book.

Will the online textbooks work on my iPad?

Third party iPad browsers available through the iTunes App Store provide various levels of Flash compatibility with online textbooks, but proxy the browser content and bypass FCPS content filters. The majority of these apps are NC17, requiring parental permission because content viewed using third party browsers is not controlled via the iPad parental restriction settings. Features and updates to such apps are controlled by the app developers and use of a 3rd party browser is a parental decision.

Why doesn't FCPS use the available textbook apps?

Some of our books are available in the etext version.  While available, they do not allow for interactivity and the user experience is not optimal.  The app has tremendous lag time when loading pages.  We continue to work with all of our publisher  on the development of their products.  Many features that are available today had not yet been developed when we purchased our editions.  Unfortunately, as new features became available they are often not retroactive to older editions.

What is the background of the online textbook project?


  • FCPS initiated a Social Studies Online Textbook pilot, including 8 middle schools and 10 high schools utilizing the online textbook and resources in 7th grade History and HS government classes.
  • 7,937 students participated in the pilot along with approximately 113 teachers.


  • As a result of a successful pilot, FCPS implemented online textbooks in grades 7-12 for all core social studies courses.
  • Online subscriptions were purchased centrally.
  • Each school has limited printed textbooks available for student use.
  • 76,000 students participated in the online textbooks and approximately 800 general and special education teachers.

2012- Present

  • Mathematics online textbooks for grades K-12 (excluding AP and elective courses) have been centrally purchased and implemented in all schools.

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