School Year Calendar 2014-15

The Fairfax County School Board voted to approve minor adjustments to the 2014-2015 standard school year calendar at its July 24 meeting. Details.



September 2, 2014

School Begins

September 29

Student Holiday

October 13

Columbus Day Holiday - Student Holiday

October 31

First Grading Period Ends*+
Students Released 2 Hours Early

November 3 - 4

Student Holidays

November 26

Students Released 2 Hours Early

November 27 - 28

Thanksgiving Break

December 19

Students Released 2 Hours Early

December 22- January 2, 2015

Winter Break


January 19

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday Holiday

January 29

Second Grading Period Ends*+
Students Released 2 Hours Early

January 30 - February 2

Student Holidays

February 16

George Washington’s Birthday - Presidents' Day Holiday - Student Holiday

March 16

Student Holiday

March 30 - April 3

Spring Break

April 6

Student Holiday

April 16

Third Grading Period Ends*+
Students Released 2 Hours Early

April 17

Student Holiday

May 25

Memorial Day Holiday - Student Holiday

June 19

Last Day of School*+N
Students Released 2 Hours Early



Schools are open.


Report cards are provided to parents at the end of each grading period and at the end of the school year.


Early release on the last official day of school.


Makeup Day Schedule

Days Missed

Makeup Days

1 - January 8

No makeup required

2 - January 14

No makeup required

3 - January 27

No makeup required

4 - February 17

No makeup required

5 - February 18

No makeup required

6 - February 20

No makeup required

7 - February 26

No makeup required

8 - March 2

No makeup required

9 - March 5

No makeup required

10 - March 6

No makeup required

Up to 11

Built in, no makeup required


No makeup required


Monday, March 16


No makeup required


Monday, April 6

The guidelines for determining the Standard School Year Calendar are outlined in Regulation 1344acrobat icon.

Virginia law requires school divisions to provide either 180 days or 990 hours of instruction each school year. Under the school year calendar that was in place for many years that included the early release of elementary students on Mondays, FCPS could not use the 990 hour option for state accreditation.  This led to last year’s unfortunate situation where 11 snow days forced FCPS to add days to the end of the school year in late June past the advertised final day of school in order to meet the 180 day requirement.   In an effort to avoid repeating that scenario in the future, the School Board voted to eliminate early release Mondays starting with this school year.  This now allows FCPS to meet state accreditation standards by providing 990 hours of instruction should we drop below 180 days of school. 

FCPS has used 10 snow days along with five two-hour delayed openings thus far this winter for a total of 70 hours used (as of March 6).    There are 78 extra hours built into the calendar to meet the 990 hour minimum.  FCPS has received additional guidance from the state regarding makeup days and the state has indicated that FCPS does not have to apply three of the 10 days missed thus far to its total hours used giving FCPS a total of 26 extra hours, or about four snow days remaining, before any missed days would need to be made up. 

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