Twelfth Grade Family Life Education (FLE)

Year at a Glance

Family Life education for grade 12 is instructed during social studies classes. Twelfth grade Family Life Education includes the lesson “The Family in Virginia Law,” which is presented as part of the Virginia and United States Government class. 

Grade Twelve Instructional Objectives - Family Life Education

12.1 Students will interpret laws that affect family life.

Descriptive Statement: Current laws and case studies in Virginia are reviewed as well as any pending legislation affecting individuals and families regarding marriage, divorce, adoption, child abuse, human (teen sex) trafficking, sexual assault (includes consent), and legal responsibilities of parents.  Instruction will include the impact of engaging in risky behaviors during high school, post-secondary education, and career. Instruction will include bystander awareness and intervention strategies.

12.2 Students will explain prevention and transmission of sexually transmitted infections.  Students will be able to describe the physical, emotional, and social impacts of sexually transmitted infections on self and others.

Descriptive Statement: Topics will include local and national statistics, high risk behaviors, abstinence from sexual activity and intravenous drug use, use of condoms and pre-exposure prophylaxis, and the effects of substance use on decision making and the developing brain. Instruction will include considerations for current and future settings (high school, college, work environments).

12.3 Students will identify factors that influence use of contraceptives.

Descriptive Statement: Instruction will include review of methods and effectiveness of contraceptives for pregnancy and minimizing risk of sexually transmitted infection. Students will explore considerations for choosing contraception to include how the method is used, partner’s opinion, availability and cost, and personal values/beliefs. Abstinence will be emphasized as the only 100% effective method for preventing pregnancy and the most effective method for preventing sexually transmitted infection.

Grade Twelve Media

Tricked: Inside the World of Teen Sex Trafficking: Legal Aspects. Fairfax Network, 2014 (4:16).

Provides a brief introduction into local and Federal laws regarding teen sex trafficking.