Third Grade Family Life Education (FLE)

Year at a Glance

Grade Three Instructional Objectives—Emotional and Social Health Education

3.1 Students will identify positive personal characteristics and attributes.

Descriptive Statement: Instruction will include identifying positive personal characteristics and attributes such as being good at academics, sports, fine arts; or being funny or honest, to continue developing a positive self-image.

3.2 Students will demonstrate how to respond appropriately to good touches and how to handle inappropriate approaches from relatives, neighbors, strangers, or others.

Descriptive Statement: Instruction may include how to communicate a response to good touches, such as smiling or hugging, and how to communicate a response to confusing situations or inappropriate touches, such as saying “no,” avoiding the situation, and leaving the situation.  Inappropriate approaches will include defining and identifying sexual abuse. Students will identify trusted adults in their safety network and will be encouraged to talk with a trusted adult about any inappropriate touches or confusing situations.

Grade Three Media Material—Emotional and Social Health Education

You Are in Charge of Your Body. Human Relations Media, 2014, 31 minutes

Part One: Recognizing Sexual Abuse

The concept of body boundaries is introduced and the difference between safe and unsafe touches is illustrated. Three examples of safe/unsafe touch are told using stylized animation.

Part Two: Stopping an Abuser

This segment teaches students what to do if their body boundaries have been crossed. Using the same scenarios from Part One, students are taught NO and GO; how to say NO assertively and how to GO safely and quickly.

Part Three: Telling Someone

Part three teaches students how to create their personal safety network.  It’s a list of trusted adults to go to for help in an emergency including parents, teachers, and others. Acted out scenarios demonstrate exactly how to do this.  Students are reassured that sexual abuse is never their fault or something to keep secret.  Students are instructed that if someone touches them inappropriately, tell a trusted adult.