Website Modernization Project

Redesigning FCPS Central and School Websites

(Updated May 21, 2024)

FCPS is in the process of redesigning our central website,, and preparing for the redesign of school sites. Forum One, our website vendor, is performing this work. Our main purpose for modernizing FCPS websites is to enhance user experience, so families can quickly find the tools, information, and resources they need.

Project Overview

The focus is on improving key site elements such as:

  • Design - Visual elements; the look and feel.
  • Layout - Where items are located.
  • Navigation - Ways users move through the website, including the use of menus.
  • Search - The search field makes information easier to find.
  • Accessibility - Ease of access for a diverse audience with varying needs and abilities.
  • Content - Ease in reading and scanning information on the site. Clear action for readers to take. 

Phase 1: Engagement
September-November 2023

Staff, parents/caregivers, students, community members, and business/community partners had opportunities to help shape the direction of FCPS’ website during the research and discovery process:

  • Website Redesign Survey - To provide input on how the sites are working for audiences and to identify potential improvements. The community survey was available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. The staff survey was available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • Card Sorting - To uncover how site users expect information to be grouped and labeled. 
  • Usability Testing - To gather feedback by recording users’ experience as they navigate the website. 

A focus group was held for parents/caregivers who prefer communications in languages other than English. School, office, and department web curators participated in feedback sessions.


Based on our findings, recommendations for the redesigned site include:

  1. Improve usability of key webpages, such as the homepage and top visited pages.
  2. Establish consistent and user-friendly page structures/layouts.
  3. Increase ability to find content using site navigation.
  4. Enhance site search results, including content standards training.
  5. Introduce a universal and accessible event/calendaring tool.

Phase 2: Planning
December 2023-April 2024

Key activities during the planning phase include:

  • Approval of central site maps.
  • Starting site map analysis for schools.
  • Designing and reviewing wireframes for central site homepage and next level pages.
  • Designing templates for webpages.
  • Securing an improved translation tool.
  • Securing a calendar tool. 
  • Developing governance for content management.

Phase 3: Launch
May-July 2024

Phase 3 is well underway. As we move toward launching the redesigned site in July, we will:

  • Define the main navigation menu with dropdown menus (sub-menus). Create dropdown menus for microsites such as Students, Families, and Community.
  • Consolidate webpages and improve readability on the current site before moving content to the redesigned site.
  • Plan for implementing a new calendaring tool (Tandem), digital asset management tool, and new FCPS app.
  • Work on school designs, site maps, and school profiles.
  • Identify FCPS websites that are not housed on FCPS’ server and develop integration plans.
  • Begin usability testing.
  • Conduct community survey post-launch.


Please stay tuned for updates and future opportunities to help us improve our website. Email [email protected] if you have questions.