AP/IB Test Fees Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate test fees.

New Test Fee Details

Will FCPS pay for AP/IB tests?


FCPS will pay test fees for the first six AP/IB tests taken by each student for courses in which they are also enrolled for high school credit. The test count is cumulative over a student's FCPS academic career.

What happens if a student would like to take an AP/IB test beyond the six FCPS-funded tests?

Students who choose to take one or more AP/IB tests beyond the six FCPS-funded tests will be charged a fee of $98 per AP test and $119 per IB test.

Do students eligible for free/reduced priced meals have to pay AP/IB test fees?


Students who qualify for the free and reduced-price meals program and have submitted the consent to share their free and reduced-price status will not be charged for these fees. These forms are found on the Food and Nutrition Services, Free and Reduced-Price Meals web page.

Is there assistance for families that do not qualify for free and reduced-price meals, but are currently experiencing financial hardships?


For students and families who are undergoing economic hardships and are financially unable to pay the stated student fees, assistance is available as noted in the current version of Regulation 2135, Assistance to Students. Students and families who believe they qualify for hardship support should reach out to their school.

Will AP/IB tests a student took prior to the 2023-24 school year count towards his/her six FCPS-funded tests?


AP/IB tests taken prior to the 2023-24 school year for courses in which the student was enrolled in FCPS for high school credit will count towards a student’s cumulative test history.

Can students take AP tests for courses in which they are not enrolled?


Students who request to take one or more AP tests without being enrolled in the corresponding course will be responsible for the test fee(s) and these test(s) will not count towards their six FCPS-funded tests. Schools will communicate the process for registering and paying for these tests.

Can students take IB tests for courses in which they are not enrolled?


The IB program does not allow students to take tests for courses in which they are not enrolled.

Can non-FCPS students take AP exams in FCPS schools?


High school graduates and non-FCPS students (to include out-of-county and private school students) are not eligible to take AP tests in FCPS schools.

Opt-Out Process

Are students required to take the associated test if enrolled in the AP/IB course?

NO.  While FCPS encourages all students to take AP/IB tests for courses in which they are enrolled, students will have the opportunity to opt out of the test(s) by completing an out an opt-out form to be provided by the school.

Do students auditing an AP course have the option to opt out of the associated test?

YES.  Students auditing AP courses are considered enrolled in the course and must follow the opt-out process if they would like to opt out of the test. If the student chooses to take this test, it will count in the student’s cumulative AP/IB test history.

What is the AP/IB test opt-out process?

Students will be provided an opt-out form that lists their cumulative AP/IB test history for courses taken in FCPS and current AP/IB course enrollment for courses that have an associated test. Only courses that have an associated AP/IB test will show in the current course enrollment list. Students choosing to opt-out of one or more AP/IB tests will complete the opt-out form and return it to the Student Services office at their school.

Does the opt-out form need to be turned in if a student plans to take AP/IB tests for all courses in which they are currently enrolled?

NO. The opt-out form only needs to be submitted to the school if a student is requesting to opt out of one or more AP/IB tests for a course in which he/she is currently enrolled.

If a student does not take the associated AP/IB test, will he/she earn the weighted credit for the course?

YES.  Based on Regulation 2462, students earn weighted credit through successful completion of an AP/IB course.

How will test fees be counted and/or billed for AP Economics, AP US & Comparative Government and AP Physics C M&EM?

The curriculum for these three AP courses is assessed through two separate tests. The two tests for each course will be considered as one test for the FCPS-funded test count and fees.

Can students take AP tests for courses in which they are not currently enrolled?

YES. Students who request to take an AP test for a course in which they are NOT currently enrolled will pay $98 for each test. The AP Test Coordinator will continue to collect these test fees and provide receipts as they have in the past. These test fees will not be reflected in the centrally generated invoices sent to parents and guardians since those invoices will be based upon current enrollment in an AP/IB course(s) with an associated test.

Can home instruction students residing in FCPS register to take AP tests?

YES. Parents or guardians of home instructed students must provide the Director of Student Services at the local school a copy of the FCPS Home Instruction acknowledgement letter prior to registering their child for AP tests, fees apply. The AP Test Coordinator will collect fees and provide receipts. For registration information, visit the Home Instruction Exam Information page.

Fee Billing and Collection

How will AP/IB test fees be billed?

A central billing and fee collection process has been developed by the Office of the Comptroller, Department of Financial Services to manage the invoicing and collection of AP/IB test fees. The payment of student fees is the responsibility of parents or guardians. Parents or guardians will be billed in December for AP/IB test fees. Note that each test fee is sent as a separate invoice with a unique invoice number and test number.

How will parents or guardians pay for AP/IB test fees?

Parents or guardians will receive an invoice following test registration for tests beyond the first six paid for by FCPS. Parents and guardians can pay for fees online using a debit or credit card, or electronic check through MySchoolBucks, the same vendor many parents or guardians currently use to pay for school lunches.  Cash or money order will be accepted onsite at the school.

Who should parents or guardians contact for support using MySchoolBucks?

For questions regarding the MySchoolBucks website or app, please see the MSB Frequently Asked Questions page.

When are AP/IB test fees due?

Payment for AP/IB test fees should be submitted within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Are AP/IB test fees refundable if a student drops an AP/IB course?

AP and IB test fees are nonrefundable.

Will IB Diploma students be required to pay a test fee for Theory of Knowledge; Creativity, Activity, and Service; or Extended Essay?

NO. These are IB core fees and FCPS will continue to pay these fees for IB Diploma students.

Is there a reduced test rate for students taking a certain number of AP/IB tests?


The cost for each AP test is $98 and each IB test is $119 with no rate reduction for students who take multiple tests.

What is the last date on which a student can drop a course without being charged a test fee?

Students who drop an IB or AP course by the opt-out form due date will not be sent a bill for the associated test. Any student that drops an AP/IB course after the op-out date will receive an invoice for exam numbers six and beyond in their test sequence.

AP and IB test fees are non-refundable.

If a student cancels or does not sit for the AP/IB exam associated with their course and did not submit an opt-out form by the due date, are they charged a cancellation or test fee(s)?

AP Exams

Students who cancel or do not sit for an AP exam will not be charged the College Board $40 cancellation fee.

IB Exams

Students who do not sit for an IB exam or do not submit an Internal Assessment for a course will not be charged a fee for exams 1-6. For exam number 7 and beyond, a non-refundable full test fee will be charged.

Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB) Test Fees

Information about the AP/IB test fees, including opt-out procedures and payment process.