Superintendent's Technology Advisory Council

Advising the superintendent on advances in technology and best practices to help ensure student success.

The Superintendent's Technology Advisory Council has concluded its work. View the Council's final report.


The Superintendent's Technology Advisory Council provides expertise and guidance to help ensure FCPS’ technology applications are at the forefront of innovation; and that teachers and students are equipped with the tools, connectivity, access, and security to be prepared in today’s increasingly interconnected landscape.


The Technology Advisory Council meets regularly to advise the superintendent and his staff in the following areas: 

  • Best practices in technology architecture and infrastructure.
  • Emerging software that will enhance online learning opportunities.
  • Cutting-edge educational technology for teachers and students.
  • Successful private sector experiences that can be applied to the K-12 environment.

As a result of the Council's efforts, FCPS will be better positioned to create a sustainable, efficient, safe, and connected learning environment.


The Superintendent's Technology Advisory Council is comprised of some of the nation’s leading thinkers across technology, education, and business. Members also include two Fairfax County School Board members as well as FCPS administrators, teachers, and a student representative. The Council is led by four co-chairs:

  • Andrew Ko, Founder, Kovexa
  • Greg Baroni, Chairman and CEO, Attain
  • Amy Gilliland, President, General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Bobbie Kilberg, President and CEO, Northern Virginia Technology Council

View the full list of Council members.  


In support of the Council’s mission, the co-chairs have launched eight workstream committees: 

  • Communications and Change Management  Providing guidance and recommendations regarding preparation and ongoing support for the organization and community related to the adoption of new technologies or technology changes.

  • Device Access and Internet Connectivity  Providing guidance and recommendations that ensure student access to the necessary technology devices and connectivity for distance learning and learning from home opportunities.

  • Instructional Technology – Providing guidance and recommendations regarding the use and adoption of distance learning applications, learning management systems, and other instructional technology tools.

  • Technology Infrastructure and Operations – Providing guidance and recommendations related to FCPS’s technology infrastructure and operations including use of cloud, data, technology security, disaster recovery, help desk practices, and remote working.

  • Professional Development and Human Capital – Providing guidance and recommendations regarding technology professional development for staff.

  • Technology Accessibility – Providing guidance and recommendations to FCPS when considering the technology needs of younger students; students with disabilities; English Learners; and transgender, gender non-conforming/non-binary students.

  • Partnerships  Creating a mechanism allowing for volunteers from businesses and ideas to be identified and created into actionable assets that support FCPS’ work around technology.

  • Innovation  Providing guidance and recommendations that allow FCPS to remain innovative with its use of new technologies that enhance teaching and learning.


Technology Advisory Council Members