SEL Screener Questions for K-2

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What Questions Does the SEL Screener Ask?

In grades K-2, teachers respond to questions about students' SEL skills in the winter and spring.

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SEL Screener Questions, Grades K-2

The following provides content from the grade K-2 SEL screener.

SEL Screener

Thank you for taking the time to reflect on your students' social and emotional learning. If you don't feel that you have enough information to answer a question, feel free to skip it.

Please complete these questions for this student.

  1. How often is this student able to control their emotions when they need to?

         Almost never     Once in a while     Sometimes     Frequently     Almost always


  1. If this student fails to reach an important goal, how likely are they to try again?

         Not at all likely        Slightly likely        Somewhat likely       Quite likely          Extremely likely


  1. During the past 30 days, how considerate was this student of their classmates’ feelings?

          Not at all considerate      Slightly considerate           Somewhat considerate          Quite considerate         Extremely considerate


  1. During the past 30 days, how often did this student use words to describe feelings they have?

         Almost never         Once in a while            Sometimes             Frequently              Almost always


  1. Does this student have at least one close friend at school?

             No            Yes


  1. Overall, how interested is this student in your class?

         Not at all interested         Slightly interested        Somewhat interested         Quite interested          Extremely interested


  1. During the past week, how often did this student seem happy?

          Almost never        Once in a while               Sometimes               Frequently            Almost always




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 SEL Screener Questions - Grade K-2

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