Divisionwide Strategic Planning Process for 2022-23

Steps in the process and timeline for developing a strategic plan

Fairfax County Public Schools is developing a new strategic plan. We encourage you to join us in this important work which will help shape the school division’s future!

Share Your Thoughts with Us!

What keeps you optimistic about FCPS? What are your concerns? Answer these and two other questions to help shape our school division's future.

Charting Our Course 

What is a Strategic Plan?

Similar to a roadmap, a strategic plan clearly defines the best route for us to take in the years ahead to reach our goals. 

Why do we need a Strategic Plan?

Our students are preparing for careers that don’t exist today. In order to keep pace with these needs, we need to rethink our plans for the future - and how we will best serve our students for this new era. Read more on why a Strategic Plan is important.

Why should you participate?

Our new strategic plan can only be successful with participation from diverse voices within the Fairfax County community. Planning teams, forums, a feedback form and an upcoming survey are some of the ways families, employees, and community members can help define FCPS’ direction and purpose. Together, we can determine the goals and priorities that will help ensure a thriving future for every FCPS student.

Planning Phases

The planning phase began in October 2022 and is scheduled to run through May 2023.

  • Phase 1: “Is Everyone Ready to Go?” [October-November]
  • Phase 2: “Where Are We Now?” [November-December]
  • Phase 3: “Where Are We Going Next? [December-February] 
  • Phase 4: “Is Everyone Still With Us? [December-February]
  • Phase 5: “How Are We Going to Get There?” [February-April]
  • Phase 6: “Have We Aligned Our Responses with the Plan?” [April-May]
  • Phase 7: “Do We Have the Support of Our Leaders and Policy Makers?” [May]

Key Communicators

An important part of the strategic planning process is to make sure our community stays informed and has the opportunity to be involved. In November 2022, FCPS encouraged members of community organizations and groups  to volunteer as key communicators during the strategic planning process. Those who chose to participate are active members of the community who people turn to for information. They also have an interest in sharing information about the school division and encouraging involvement.

FCPS regularly sends key communicators the latest strategic planning news, insight about future events, and engagement opportunities. Communicators are asked to share that information with their groups and networks in a timely manner, and encourage participation, as appropriate. 

If you or someone from your organization would like to serve as an FCPS key communicator during the strategic planning process, please complete and submit this form


Email us at [email protected].

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