STEAM Partnerships

Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

What: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. In FCPS, STEAM is a student-centered, project-based interdisciplinary instructional model that integrates STEAM content areas. STEAM is based on student-driven inquiry and problem-solving to facilitate innovation through collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

STEAM programs cross all grade levels, and business and community engagement is especially needed in the following areas:

  • Field trip support.
  • STEAM centered guest speakers.
  • Internships (high school, high school academies).
  • Clubs, camps, and MakerSpaces.
  • Science fairs-sponsors, judges.
  • Service learning (career-based community service).

Why: The STEAM project will inspire and engage all students through rigorous project-based inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, and research and field based experiences. It will foster school-based cross-curricular collaboration and facilitate relationships with higher education institutions, the public and private sectors, professionals and parents providing authentic hands on experiences.

Who: We're seeking businesses and community groups with the capacity to support at least one of areas of need as general volunteers, guest speakers, and judges; financially or with donations of various "hardware," or hosting interns. A STEAM Ignite partnership requires at least 10 volunteers.

Requirements Business or Community Group

Engagement Thresholds: To support an Ignite STEAM partnership, we request engagement by 10 volunteers or the support of at least 120 students. The FCPS Business and Community Partnerships team will support the formation of an Ignite partnership, working in coordination with the STEAM team. If your business or community group does not have at least 10 volunteers willing to commit to an entire school year, you are encouraged to work with people at a school near you or directly with folks on the STEAM team, or the FCPS service learning resource teacher.

Time Commitment: A STEAM partnership offers varied program elements and, as such, unique scheduling. Some elements will require volunteers to engage for an hour or part of a single day, others a full day or days, while some will be year-long in shorter time increments. In the STEAM arena, we also offer summer opportunities at camps or service learning options working with schools.  A commitment of one full school year -- September to June -- is preferred. If beginning after November 15, we ask for a commitment for the following school year. 

CEO-VP Commitment: Because these programs involve volunteer time and the potential for financial commitment, we prefer CEO support but understand that in many companies and not-for-profits, authority can extend to the VP level.

Financial Requirements: There is the potential for financial support. A discussion will help us meet your needs. Funding for field trips; paid internships; materials for clubs, camps, and MakerSpaces; and science fair sponsors are always welcome. Regarding internships, FCPS students participate in many types; we are happy to discuss options with you.

Establish an Ignite Partnership (10+ volunteers required or support 120+ students)

Jay Garant, 571-423-1225, Business and Community Partnerships

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