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Nathan Onibudo has been elected by the countywide Student Advisory Council (SAC) to serve a one-year term as the student representative to the Fairfax County School Board, beginning July 1. He will be the 50th student representative to the School Board.

Nathan entered Fairfax County Public Schools after attending private schools in grades preK-4.  “I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience growing up a student in FCPS and I want to do what I can to make sure that that is the case for all current and future and FCPS students,” he states.

Mr. Onibudo plans to focus on working to close economic achievement gaps in FCPS. Specifically, he wants to focus on aiming to increase the number of economically disadvantaged students in FCPS who are reading on grade level and are able to pass their 3rd grade reading SOL. He hopes to do this by organizing a countywide book drive with the goal of getting books into the homes and shelters of the economically less fortunate students in our county because he believes that “With the right resources, every student has the potential to succeed.” Additionally, Mr. Onibudo wants to use his platform to advocate on behalf of the increasing number of students in FCPS who are struggling with mental health issues. Nathan hopes to improve the general mental health of students by advocating for the implementation of “Student-centered policies across the county that shift the focus from rigorous testing and measured achievement to communal and project-based learning with teachers’ emphasis placed on the wellbeing of their students.” Mr. Onibudo also believes that if the county is able to enforce its 2-hour high school homework policy, then students will be able to better prioritize things like mental health or developed interests outside of the classroom. Nathan says that he is aware of the lasting impact that the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting closures will have on both the achievement gaps and mental health of FCPS students and he thinks that it will take creative solutions on the part of the board to effectively and safely solve these issues as they arise. He also believes that the current pandemic “Gives us an unprecedented opportunity to reevaluate the way we think about educating students across the county.”

Nathan is a three-year member of the South County Student Council where he witnessed firsthand the impact that students can have on their school, community, and education. Students provide a new perspective and are best positioned to relay information on how policies and directives are impacting the individual lives of students in the county. He believes, that to create more inclusive and equitable schools in FCPS students need to play a larger role in how their school communities are run. Mr. Onibudo says, “For every student to feel like they have a place in FCPS, every student must feel like they have a voice in FCPS.”

At South County, Nathan has taken (or is scheduled to take) Advanced Placement (AP) English Composition; AP U.S. Government and Politics; AP Environmental Science; AP English  Literature, AP U.S. and Comparative Government; AP Micro and Macro Economics; AP Biology; AP Psychology; AP World History; AP Latin; Latin 1-4; Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry; Leadership; Photography; and honors classes in algebra, English, geometry, and biology. Nathan has been a member of the varsity cross county, indoor track, outdoor track, and soccer teams; a member of the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and the President of South County’s National Latin Honors Society. He’s a lawyer for the school’s Model Judiciary team and represented South County on the TV game show It’s Academic with his Quiz Bowl teammates. He is also a Class of 2021 Student Council representative.

Outside of school, Nathan plays soccer for the nationally ranked club Doradus FC and is an accomplished United States Soccer Referee. He happens to be the youngest referee to ever be appointed to a US Youth Soccer Regional Final and was a nominee for Virginia’s Youth Referee of the Year Award. 


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