Schedules and Attendance

Schools will take attendance during virtual and in-person learning this year. Sample schedules are also available.


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) requires all schools to take attendance during virtual and in-person learning this school year. FCPS must take attendance Mondays through Fridays, unless there is a student holiday. Students aged 5-18 must attend school every day school is in session, unless they are excused from school. To support this, parents must report absences to school each time the student may be absent.


On Mondays, elementary students may check in with their teachers via a morning meeting or other structured activity. When they log in, the teacher will confirm their attendance. Tuesdays through Fridays, students will check in with their teachers the same way. If students are unable to participate on any given school day, parents must report the absence to the school office.


On Mondays, secondary students may be assigned an advisory or intervention period. That teacher will check their logins and provide attendance information to office personnel. On Tuesdays through Fridays, students will login to their classes, and each teacher will take attendance. Any time a student must be absent for an illness or other reason, parents must contact the school office with that information.  Parents will also need to report their class and/or full day absences as a routine.

Health Conditions

If a child has a chronic illness, contact the school office with that information. The office staff person will ensure that the information is provided to appropriate personnel, such as a public health nurse, administrator, school counselor, or social worker for follow up with you. Keep the front office updated on any changes to your student’s medical status. The school team may develop a plan which includes alternatives to the normal schedule, as your student’s needs require.

If a child has contracted COVID-19, contact the school office to report the illness. Follow your doctor’s orders to ensure that your child does what is needed to get well. The school office will ensure that your student’s teacher(s) are alerted that he/she will not be able to participate fully and may need extended time to complete assignments and work.

Childcare Concerns

Please notify the school about your childcare arrangement if your childcare provider is unable to assist with online learning during the day. Inform the school that your children may not be able to meet during the scheduled times for classes.  An administrator will need to identify, with you, your children’s ability to access the live, synchronous classes, and develop a plan for later access. Teacher-led live instruction will be recorded. If an alternative plan can be developed, you will need to document your children’s access and progress regularly and submit it to the school for review. Your school will have a plan for you to respond to verify your child’s participation in the lesson.

If your high school student will need to supervise younger siblings during the school day, be sure to notify the high school administrator and to report any absences to the schools.  Review your students’ schedules to ensure that they know when to log in. Teacher-led live instruction will be recorded.  Let your high school student’s administrators know that you must make an alternative arrangement, so that scheduling options might be considered. The school will work with families on a plan to report and verify learning activities that are completed outside of synchronous instruction.

Bell Schedules

FCPS will implement a new bell schedule on February 16 due to social distancing requirements which limit capacity on school buses. The bell schedule change will apply to both in-person instruction as well as students who are participating in full-time virtual instruction.