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Information on health, including mental health, medical care, and other community resources is available

Mental and Physical Health and Community Resources 

Concern over the virus can make children and families anxious.  While there is uncertainty about the spread of the disease in the US, acknowledging the level of concern in any family member is appropriate.  The resources below will help you help children cope with anxiety by providing accurate prevention information and facts without causing undue alarm. School counselors are the first point of contact for any academic, personal, or social-emotional concerns. 

If you are in need of assistance, please call Fairfax County's Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) at 703-222-0880.   The multi lingual staff can assist with any difficulties you are facing - including food, shelter, employment, financial assistance, healthcare and other needs.

What you should know:

To take care of your child(ren) during the COVID-19 outbreak; 

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource available in Korean, Chinese, Amharic, and Spanish

To take care of yourself during COVID-19 outbreak:

Manage Anxiety & Stress

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019 -  available in Chinese

To get medical care for your family:

Get Help or Give Help

These community based resources - organized by areas within Fairfax County - offer assistance to students and families. Under each organization is information on how to GET help as well as GIVE help.

Resources from the Virginia Department of Health 

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Parent Information Phone Lines