FCPS Confirmed COVID-19 Case Reporting

FCPS will be sharing weekly updates regarding COVID-19 cases that have been self-reported to us

COVID-19 Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Health Metrics Data

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH Pandemic) Metrics dashboard is now available online.  This includes Daily Region Metrics and Weekly Transmission Extent.  

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explains Indicators for Dynamic School Decision-Making. FCPS adheres to VDH and CDC health guidance.

FCPS COVID-19 Data Reporting

FCPS is sharing weekly COVID-19 cases that have been self-reported to us. Data is updated weekly, each Friday by 1pm. Any cases occurring after that time are reported for the following week.

This data should be interpreted with caution as it only reflects cases that have been shared with FCPS through self-reporting and may not be aligned to future epidemiological investigations. This data is being shared from a division level, as opposed to school or work site, so that it does not jeopardize sharing personally identifiable, confidential health information involving FCPS students and staff.

Cases reports indicate the total number of COVID-19 cases self-reported to principals/administrators/program managers. Reports were shared with the FCHD to initiate contact tracing.


Bar Chart showing COVID cases reported by Employees, Visitors, and students weekly since September 8.  Detail in table below.

COVID-19 Case Type - Weekly

Date *Employees Visitors to FCPS Facilities **Students
9/8/2020 12 0 0
9/14/2020 19 2 4
9/21/2020 11 0 1
9/28/2020 15 0 2
10/5/2020 22 0 3
10/12/2020 12 0 2
Total 91 2 11

**Students include any students present in our buildings or on our premises including students attending the Fairfax County Support Return to School (SRS) program.*Employees include individuals employed by FCPS as well as Fairfax County SRS employees working in school buildings. Supporting Return to Schools (SRS) numbers, as reported by the Fairfax County Government. Program opened September 8, 2020.

Note: These exposures occurred outside of school and no individuals have reported to school while positive.  To date, no COVID positive individuals have participated in any of our workouts and the Health Department has not yet recommended that FCPS take additional action related to our workouts following their investigation of the above cases.