COVID-19 Health Metrics 2020-21 Data

View the data from school year 2020-21.

The below data is for school year 2020-21 ending on 8/13/21. 

VDH Outbreak Dashboard

The K-12 Schools Reporting Outbreaks of COVID-19 publishes data related to the outbreak of COVID-19 in public and private K-12 schools in the Commonwealth. The outbreak data lists those schools and localities in which an outbreak has occurred among students or staff. An outbreak is defined in this dashboard as “the identification of two or more laboratory-confirmed cases of illness that are epidemiologically linked by person, place, and time.” The outbreak data also notes the status of the outbreak, and whether it is in progress, pending closure, or closed. Outbreak-associated case counts and deaths will be suppressed if there are fewer than 5 cases or between 0 and 5 deaths to protect anonymity. Additional information about outbreaks in Virginia is available

Current School Year COVID-19 Health Metrics (2021-22)

FCPS COVID-19 Case Dashboard for 2020-21