TechTITANS: Sketch

Creativity and Innovation

The name Sketch signifies creativity and the importance of starting with an idea; sketching it out, creating, and developing that idea over time.

The arm extending from the head/brain signifies that we can create anything that we think and imagine.

The hands are posed as if they are ready draw, sculpt, create, or produce a piece of work at any moment.

The color blocks signify careful consideration of design, font, color, and other elements in created products.

The musical notes are exuding from Sketch signifying that creativity comes in many forms: music, literature, art, inventions, and more.

sketchUnique Traits

Sketch thinks outside the box, using a variety of technology tools to develop new products, processes, and ideas that solve real-world problems.  She is a modern day Leonardo DaVinci, Ada Lovelace, and Thomas Edison!  

Special Skills

Sketch has a keen eye for design. She creatively selects and blends photography, music, images, colors, fonts, and other elements to express herself. She continually reflects on her work and the work of others and strategically adapts in order to improve her work.

Digital Tools

Sketch utilizes creativity and drawing applications, programming tools, digital cameras, audio recorders, digital music creation and mixing tools, and more!