TechTITANS: Sherlock

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The name Sherlock is a play on the well‐known fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, known for astute logical reasoning.

The puzzle pieces at the top represent the use of multiple perspectives and sources of information when solving real world problems.

The extra hand extending from the body holds a puzzle piece signifying that we each bring background knowledge into problem solving processes. We must incorporate background knowledge with what we are learning.

SherlockUnique Traits

Sherlock has an insatiable appetite for puzzles and problem solving--no challenge is too difficult!  She uses technology tools to locate, organize, and analyze collected information leading to a creative and informed solutions.

Special Skills

When approaching a problem, Sherlock knows how to break it down into manageable parts and identifies key questions to be answered. Sherlock remembers to look at problems from multiple perspectives and uses technology tools to help analyze collected data.  She perseveres when the going gets tough!

Digital Tools

Sherlock uses a variety of information gathering strategies and tools to collect the elements needed for problem solving. These include reputable sources on the Internet; voice recorders; digital cameras; concept mapping software; and spreadsheet sorting, filtering, and calculating tools.