Technology Operations and Concepts

The name QWERTY comes from the standard layout on a keyboard. The word QWERTY appears on the top left row of the keyboard underneath the numbers row.

QWERTY sits in front of many screens, a music turntable/mixer, a control panel and a camera. The screens signify the ability to take technology tools or software and use them to their potential. Students need to be able to use prior knowledge when learning to use new tools and applications.

QWERTY’s arm crosses over his body signifying that he has the power within himself to learn and solve and troubleshoot any problem he encounters. He uses help menus, tutorials, and internet searches to learn and problem solve on his own.

QWERTYUnique Traits

Qwerty is adept at selecting the right technology for the job!  He understands how to best use technology tools and adapts easily when switching among them.  He applies his current knowledge when discovering and learning about new applications and hardware.  

Special Skills

Qwerty transfers knowledge easily between applications and has exceptional troubleshooting skills.  He uses the help menus, online discussion boards, and his personal learning network to learn new skills and solve problems he encounters.

Digital Tools

Qwerty doesn’t play favorites. He discovers and capitalizes on the potential of whatever tools are available!