TechTITANS: Gumshoe

Research and Information Fluency

The name Gumshoe literally means detective. When students are researching, they are in a sense, being a detective as they search the internet, talk to people, and read books in order to learn and solve problems.

Gumshoe appears to be soaring through the air. The air represents cyberspace or the internet.

The orb at the bottom of the poster is a representation of the internet – a different world that you can choose to enter. The orb appears as though it could open at any time, allowing us to research, communicate, collaborate, and create.

Gumshoe is wearing rollerblades signifying the need to learn how to move swiftly through the internet. This is done by selecting the best sources and using search techniques to increase efficiency.

The hands extending from the head signify sifting through vast amounts of electronic information. They also symbolize multitasking and the use of multiple electronic devices.

GumshoeUnique Traits

Gumshoe is like a hound dog when searching for information.  She sniffs out imposters and selects only those websites that provide accurate information. She moves quickly through the World Wide Web by being an efficient and effective researcher.  

Special Skills

Gumshoe uses reading strategies, plans for research using a research model such as the Big 3, 6, or 12, and identifies the best sources of information to use for a given task.  She is skilled at organizing information, identifying patterns and relationships, and systematically analyzing collected data.

Digital Tools

Gumshoe uses online library databases, advanced searching techniques, and online collaboration tools such as documents, spreadsheets, and graphic organizers to help collect and visualize information.  She uses citation makers to give credit to her sources.