Transforming teaching and learning to prepare students for the future

FCPS is on a journey to enhance learning through FCPSOn, a 1-to-1 digital transformation. The term 1:1 means each student will have access to one device to use for learning.

FCPSOn extends student learning and increases equitable access to technology and instructional practices that lead to personalized, meaningful learning experiences which provide opportunities for deeper understanding and development of Portrait of a Graduate attributes. The FCPS Strategic Plan Ignite includes access to contemporary and effective technology as a component of the Student Success goal. 

Students will have access to the device at school, and in some schools and grade levels, students will also be able to take their device home. 

Community Meetings 

Community meetings were held in each region between March and May 2018. Staff explained how FCPSOn supports the Portrait of a Graduate and Ignite Strategic Plan goals. Teachers and students also shared information on how FCPSOn has been implemented in their schools. 

Community Meetings

Students, parents, employees, and community members provided feedback.

Equitable Access

Proposed implementation model and timeline

Watch the video to see the many ways instruction is changing to extend student learning and how FCPSOn increases equitable access to technology. 

FCPSOn Supports Learning

Learn more about how FCPSOn supports learning and prepares students for their future.

Phase 1

The initial phase of FCPSOn started in 2016-17 school year at several schools.

Explore FCPSOn Classrooms

FCPSOn extends student learning and increases equitable access to technology and instruction.