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Fee to Support FCPSOn

As part of FCPSOn, an annual technology support fee of $50 will be charged to middle and high school students (*fee was waived for SY20-21 and SY21-22). This fee will help ensure students have access to the technology they need by defraying the cost to repair and replace equipment, ensuring all students have the necessary laptops for testing, and providing back-up laptops as a substitute as needed. All students will need access to the same software, which might not be compatible with self-provided laptops. The technology support fee is included in the FY 2021 Approved Budget.

August 14 Letter About FCPSOn Technology Support Fee


The technology support fee will be billed centrally using FCPS' e-commerce platform, My School Bucks (MSB). Students who have Free and Reduced status and have given consent to share their FRM status for a waiver or reduction of the technology support fee will be charged $25 for Reduced status; the fee will be waived for Free status. Some special education students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) require assistive technology services or accommodations. In those instances, no fee will be charged. Families will be invoiced in October.

The technology support fee will be billed on Monday after the end of first quarter of each school year for all eligible students who are enrolled at that time. Subsequent bills for students who are transferring into the school district will be issued on the first Monday after the end of the second and third quarters. There will be no proration of the fee.

Parents/guardians currently enrolled in MSB will receive an email notification via My School Bucks (MSB) informing them of an invoice for the technology support fee for their respective child(ren).

Parents/guardians not enrolled in MSB will receive an email with instructions on setting up an account to view and pay invoices(s) for the technology support fee for their respective child(ren).

Designated school staff are available to collect cash, checks, and money orders from parents/students who choose not to enroll in MSB.


Refunds for fees will be allowed for students who have paid the fee and are able to show that they subsequently have obtained an FRM status with the option to use that information.

Student Obligations

Students who have not paid the fee will incur a student obligation.

Lost and Damaged Laptops

There will not be additional fees for incidental damage. However, schools will treat repeated instances of damage from negligence the same way they would treat negligent damage to any school property. Students may be financially liable for lost/stolen computers.

Opt-Out Form: FCPS-Issued Laptop

Students who wish to provide their own laptop in place of an FCPS issued laptop will complete and return a signed Opt-Out Form by September 30, to their school’s technology team. A personally owned laptop must have a keyboard and be compatible with Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office and must be compatible with the school Wi-Fi. Smartphones are not an acceptable substitution. School tech support will not be available for personally owned laptops. FCPS instructional applications are not licensed for installation on personally owned laptops. 

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