Mental Health Acceptance Month

An overview of FCPS programs and resources to support student mental health

If you are in crisis, you can text NEEDHELP to 85511, call 1-800-273-TALK, or dial 911

May Is Mental Health Acceptance Month

Good mental health is essential to a child’s healthy development. Over one in five children and adolescents in the U.S. is diagnosed with a mental health condition. Only half of children and youth with behavioral health issues receive treatment. 

Research has shown early identification and appropriate treatment of mental health disorders among youth provides them better opportunities to lead full and productive lives.

FCPS is a partner with county agencies and non-profit organizations in the Healthy Minds Fairfax initiative to increase awareness of signs of mental distress. This partnership also addresses barriers to accessing services through the coordination of prevention, early intervention, and treatment services.  

Mental Health Acceptance Month provides FCPS with the opportunity to celebrate the work of our school division to increase awareness of the connection between mental health and social, emotional, and psychological well-being. 

About This Webpage

This webpage was developed specifically for Mental Health Acceptance Month 2022 to highlight timely information from a variety of FCPS resources. It focuses on innovative school programs, resources for parents and families, and resources for students.

Innovative School Programs

To mark May as Mental Health Acceptance Month, FCPS highlighted several school programs promoting student wellness. (See below.)

Resources for Parents and Families

Adults play a critical role in promoting positive outcomes for youth. Support your student by helping them manage stress, make better choices, and develop healthy habits.

Learn more about how adults can help students succeed.

Additional FCPS Resources

Resources for Students

As a whole, we're increasingly more aware of how we can improve our mental health as students, the role stigma plays in mental illness, and how to reach out when a friend is in need. --FCPS student

The Student Wellness: Tips and Strategies webpage offer resources for students who might be feeling stressed or worrying about mental health — a friend's or their own. 

Our Minds Matter

A student-led movement to change school culture around mental health and prevent teen suicide.
Learn more

Our Minds Matter at Frost Middle School

Students in Frost Minds Matter gained positive feelings from a Gratitude Challenge.
Learn more

Key Topics for Students

In-School Wellness Support

Wellness support is available at your school through the school psychologist, school counselor, or school social worker. Contact information for these staff members is located on the school's website.