Online Databases and eBooks

Not all resources will be interesting or appropriate for all students. As with any online experience, parents and teachers should monitor what students are viewing and assist them in learning to choose the best resource for their need.

Online Databases and eBooks

These databases and eBooks are centrally purchased for the use of all Fairfax County Public Schools students and staff. Many schools purchase additional databases. Please see your school's librarian for more information. Home access requires a password. See your librarian for a password list.

Logo for Earth and Physical Science Resource

Earth and Physical Science

This resource provides essential information about chemistry, physics, and earth and space science for student researchers.
Logo for Economic Literacy and Personal Finance Resource

Economic Literacy and Personal Finance

This comprehensive guide allows users to understand economic matters—both personal and global—and to prepare for the financial realities of today and tomorrow.
Logo for Elements Resource


A detailed resource that discusses the origin, discovery, special characteristics, and importance of the 118 known elements, from aluminum to zirconium.
Logo for Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos

Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos

World Book's Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos is the optimal beginner's Spanish-language reference tool with Read-aloud in Spanish. Bilingual feature allows users to toggle between English and Spanish. Visual Dictionary helps young learners clarify word meanings and grasp topics. Rich media and interactive features.
Universalis education logo

Encyclopaedia Universalis

This extensive collection of French-language resources responds to the needs of schools, libraries, students, and anyone doing research.
Universalis Junior logo

Encyclopaedia Universalis Junior

Used for French-Lanugage Learning. Universalis Junior includes photographs, articles in English and French for bilingual learning, read aloud technology, safe and relevant web links, and vocabulary tools.
Environmental Studies (Gale In Context)

Environmental Studies (Gale In Context)

Environmental Studies focuses on the physical and social aspects of environmental issues. Topic, organization, state and province portals form research centers around issues covering earth systems, global change, land and water use, populations, legislation, and more. Portal overviews provide essential information, supplemented by academic journals, news, case studies, conferences, statistics, and rich multimedia.
Logo for Escolar Online

Escolar Online

Knowledge-building resource for accurate and age-appropriate educational content in Spanish. Valuable for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students and students learning Spanish.
Logo for Explorers and Exploration Resource

Explorers and Exploration

This reference work profiles the many explorers who have traversed new paths and offers historical, geographical, and motivational perspectives on their accomplishments.