The FCPS Online Emergency Care Information Management System

The weCare system will be unavailable Friday, June 16, 2023.  

The weCare @ school link is available in SIS ParentVUE on the FCPS Links button.

[email protected] is now in SIS ParentVUE

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General Information
Fairfax County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that the climate in all FCPS facilities is safe and secure. In support of this goal, FCPS provides weCare @ school (weCare), an emergency care information system, available to FCPS parents and guardians who have registered for their own Parent account. weCare helps manage emergency medical information by enabling parents to enter and update their children’s medical data at their convenience online. Contact information provided automatically enrolls parents to receive eNotify communications from the district and their child’s school. eNotify is the communications tool for FCPS emergency, attendance, and essential outreach messages. Messages are sent via e-mail, telephone, and SMS.

Please note that weCare is only available via your SIS ParentVUE Account.

Using weCare

Login to SIS ParentVue

Click on the weCare school link in the FCPS Links button

A list of your children will appear
Click on the child's name and click continue on each page or click on the plus sign beside the child's name to see a list of form sections that can be completed individually.
Screen shot of list of children's names

Section 1 Student Information
To make changes to this information, you will need to contact the child's school.
Section 1 Student Information Screen Shot

Section 2 Parent/Guardian Contact Information
Contacts may be added here.  Also it is possible to copy information from another child within the same family.
Parent Information Screen Shot

Section 3 Other Contact Information
Delete a Contact by checking the box below the contact and clicking the Delete Contact button.  Add a Contact by clicking on the Add Contact button and completing the information.  Up to four contacts can be listed.

Section 4 Additional Information
The Internet access and device questions must be answered before it will allow you to click Continue.
Other Contacts and Additional information screen shot

Section 5 Current Health Conditions
Certain boxes when checked will expand a list to include additional options to select Reactions and Prescribed Treatments to be used in the school.
Current Health Conditions Screen Shot

Section 6 Medical Information on File
Due to safety for your child's health, parents must contact the school nurse to make changes to this section.

Section 7 Physician Information
Enter or edit your child's physician information and medical coverage.
Medical Information on file and Physician Information Screen Shot

Once the Save button has been selected a reminder to send the form will appear.
Reminder to send the form pop-up screen shot

Once Send the Form has been selected the Pending Submissions section will display the transaction and the school will be alerted. Once the school has processed the transaction the pending submission will disappear. Depending on volume it may take the school a few days to process the transaction.
List of children's names with reminder to send the form screen shot


To print:
Click View the Form
Click File on the menu bar
Click Print in the drop-down list
Follow the prompts to select printer and print
List of children's names with view of the form screen shot

NOTE: When the form is viewed using the Chrome PDF viewer it may appear as if all checkboxes have been selected (when in fact they have not been).  Please note that this is a display error only and the information submitted to the school will be correct. It does not affect the form electronically, only when printing. To correct this open Chrome, in the URL type "chrome:plugins", hit enter, in the list find Chrome PDF Viewer, click Disable. Scroll down and find Adobe Reader. Make sure it is enabled. This will allow your Adobe viewer to now view and print the form correctly.

For more information please review page 3 of the emergency care form.

Emergency Care Form

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    Emergency Care Form